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On May 14, 2011 the Crown of the Valley Brewing Society held their Wood-Aged Beer (Cat. 22.c) Club Only Competition .There were 53 entries from 26 states.
The winners are:

1st place BOS:  Kelly & Jason Kruegel     22.C  "Scotchy, Scotchy, Scotch" (09.E)
                        Parker, CO
          HB club: Rock Hoppers

2nd place BOS: Steve Oven     22.C   Bourbon Barrel oak-aged Porter
                        Brooklyn, NY
         HB club:  NYC Homebrewers Guild

3rd place BOS: Brian Hoesing    22.C Imp. Stout aged on Jack Daniels oak chips (13.F)
                       Lincoln, NE
        HB club:  Lincoln Lagers


Steve "Sven" Kinsey    Competition Organizer, Crown of the Valley Brewing Society

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