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I haven't been happy with the new bottle cappers we've gotten. I'm a car guy and like things over-engineered if anything, plastic and tin bottle cappers aren't cutting it for me. So I did some digging and was able to buy two identical old bottle cappers that are so well built I could probably also use to jack up my truck. I don't know when they were made, if anyone has any more info on them that'd be really cool?

Here's some photos of how I got them. I've already taken them to the sandblaster down the street from my office, so they look much better now. I dropped them off at the metal plater on Friday. They plate in a bunch of different metals, he suggested going with zinc, and I hope to have them back later this week  :D

Pimp My System / Office Keezer
« on: July 24, 2013, 01:26:46 PM »
We finished up the racing stripes on Friday with some shaker cans in the front lawn of the office building with four lanes of Chicago traffic whizzing by. Three of the four kegs were filled on Monday with what's been in the fermenters for a couple months now under the office printer. (More fermenters and a bigger kettle just arrived so we can brew more in the future.)

Having fun homebrewing with the guys at the office -

...hoping to pour our first beer from the new keezer very soon!

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