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All Grain Brewing / Big Beer Kits and Efficiency
« on: April 03, 2011, 01:54:30 PM »
I brewed an Imperial Stout kit last night. My first big beer (5th all-grain). The kit was for all-grain 5 gallons and assuming 75% efficiency (determined by throwing the recipe in BeerSmith). I got 60% efficiency (I've been getting 75-80% on beers 1.034-1.060 in OG). I wasn't really close on my numbers (1.090 expected, 1.076 actual). I threw in some DME to help, but only had 1lb on hand. I adjusted my 60 minute hop addition to keep the IBU/SG ratio in the original recipe.  Was there anything else I could/should have done? Should I throw in some sugar in the fermentation to try to get the FG lower?

After not hitting my numbers, I read a little and it seems 60% efficiency is reasonable for big beers. Is there anyway to increase that besides crush which I don't have control over? I guess I just need to buy extra ingredients based on the 60% efficiency. I'm a little disappointed that they sell that kit the way they do. It's a bit false advertising. There should be a disclaimer/warning.

It was a good learning experience though. Beer will be good just off my mark.  :D

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