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Pimp My System / Help with keezer design
« on: December 22, 2017, 01:34:23 PM »
 I'm going to start to work on my keezer build this weekend. I'm having a bit of difficulty deciding if I want to put a 2x8 frame and run the taps out the front or build a tower. Aesthetically, I really like the looks of the tower. But for practicality, or to be pragmatic a Denny would say, coming out the front is the best option. I really hate to have to pull my freezer out every time I want to get in the top. Can I get some comments on advantages and disadvantages both ways? Thanks.

Kegging and Bottling / Keezer before
« on: December 20, 2017, 12:34:46 AM »
SWMBO got my this. Will be transformed soon.

Equipment and Software / Twist locks
« on: December 19, 2017, 12:49:54 AM »
Finishing up on my electric rebuild, converting from 110v too 220v. I'm about to put my twist lock recpticles in and realized I oversees on buying two L6's, I bought one L6 and one L5. Being as it is for a personal project and not normal use, can anyone give me a good reason not to use an L5? Its rated for 30amp.

Pimp My System / Guess who's building a keezer!!!
« on: December 10, 2017, 03:03:21 AM »
Laying in bed here with SWMBO and she just informed me she bought me a chest freezer that we're going to pick up tomorrow! Man is she awesome. And did I mention she's stupidly hot?  ;D
  Pics of build to follow.

Equipment and Software / RaspberryPi
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:21:23 PM »
Is anyone here using Raspberry Pi as a PID? I'm in the middle of switching my system over from 110v to 220v and I'm seriously tossing around the idea of eliminating my control panel and PID's and replacing them with RaspberryPI and a touchscreen. Been researching it a bit now. There is now a prebuilt component from Adafruit that will allow me to use my quick connect RTD temp sensors. I've found a lot of nice programs that have been written to control it all. All the hardware is pretty economical. I also like the idea of it being web-based. This will give me the option of not even having to leave my recliner to brew!!
  I also like the idea that I can expand it and store recipe profiles, so when I want a particular brew, I can open that file and all the temperatures are right there should I want to do a step mash. It will also allow me to control my pumps from it. I'll also be able to run a temp prob from my fermentation chamber and control that. I can easily preprogram it so that it will automatically raise/lower the temp at different stages during fermentation. It will keep a chart of the actual temps over the course of fermentation that I can later print out. All in all, it just sounds so needlessly and overly complicated that I would be stupid to not do it. Has anyone else here done anything similar?

Kegging and Bottling / kegorator reccomendations
« on: October 06, 2017, 01:44:44 AM »
Now that the Sanyo 4912 is gone, what's the go to? I picked up a Whirlpool 4.3 cuft tonight, but it's not beware up to the task. I'm not worried about keeping the CO2  tank inside. Just two cronies.

The Pub / New man cave
« on: September 29, 2017, 10:26:48 PM »
We bought a house. This basement has this. Life is good.
Don't think I have to tell you where the kegorator is going.
And the brewery to come. Now featuring 220v!!!!

The Pub / I gotta brag
« on: June 30, 2017, 12:25:06 AM »
 My wife won't be home from Florida for a few days yet, so I have to brag to someone. This past week at work I've closed not one, but two 2 million dollar deals. In theory, with that kind of sales I would not have to work for the next year. I miss my wife and little girl, but it's been a he'll of a week!!!

Ingredients / cocoa nibs
« on: June 13, 2017, 05:33:23 AM »
I've never used them before but want to in my Chocolate Starfish Porter. I plan on racking to secondary  Wednesday night. That will give it two and a half in primary. I will add the nibs to secondary. I assume they will eventually melt into the beer. But it seems to me that as it sits in secondary they will all drop out and be left behind. Is that how it goes, or will I still get a good flavor from them?

The Pub / NBA Finals
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:25:39 PM »
Well, Cleveland got their a$$es handed to them in game one. But, they did come back last year to win four in a row. Really hoping Sunday's game is better. My very awesome wife got us tickets to the watch party at the Quicken Loan Arena!  8)

Yeast and Fermentation / I done screwed up.
« on: May 31, 2017, 01:26:28 AM »
I  all my previous years brewing fermentation temp control was not and issue for me, as I had a dedicated fermentation chamber. I never gave it a second thought. Set the thermostat at 63° and didn't look back. Since I got back in the brewing game here at my new condo, I've fermented in the downstairs 1/2 bath. I closed the heat vent off and stayed at a consistent 65° in the winter. Summer is here now. Sunday I brewed Chocolate Starfish porter, with US-04 at an SG of 1.052. Not thinking twice about temperature, I put it in my bathroom and let it go. Today.... I'm at 1.013!!! The chocolate is there along with all the other nice flavors I wanted but so are the fussels. Will they fade over time?

Equipment and Software / Don't laugh because it's so small
« on: May 28, 2017, 07:25:37 PM »
Got this little guy off Amazon for $16.00. It's did grade, safe for up to 220°. Out dies about 2.5gpm. All I'm doing is moving my strike water up to my mash tun. Did a test run worth our last night and I couldn't be happier. Taking it on it's maiden voyage today with a batch of Chocolate Starfish Porter.

Beer Recipes / Critique citra recipe
« on: May 08, 2017, 04:33:34 PM »
 I'm using Citra for the first time tomorrow night. Please feel look over my recipe and give feedback. Thanks. (I'm not looking to stick to any particular style guidelines, so no needed there.)

12# 2row
4# 40L
1oz citra @60
.25oz citra @45
.25oz citra @30
.25oz citra @15
.25oz citra @5

Mash temp 152*
70% effcy
OG 1.057
56.3 IBU

General Homebrew Discussion / Figured out my problem.
« on: May 08, 2017, 04:08:17 PM »
  My two brews on my new electric system gave me a pretty big issue with hitting my strike temperature. I've been missing my mash temp by a good 10*. But, being the pantless brewer that I am, I just went with it. Used to be when I brewed with propane I would heat my strike water 6* over my target temp, take a gallon container and dip it in my kettle and pour it into my mash tun. The way my electric system is set up I cannot get a pitcher in it so I have to open the valve and run water into the pitcher. Typically, I strike around 3.5 to 4 gallons. When I get down to 3 gallons the element shuts of, and a 2 gallons I have to tip the kettle to get the rest of thew water out. Between all that mess it turns out I am about 12* lower than my strike temp. So, say my strike temp is 162*, I would add 6* for thermal mass and strike 168*. Worked like a dream on propane every time. So, I transfer that over to my electric system. I hit 168* and by the time it all makes its way to the mash tun, I'm actually at 154*, then add the grain and I'm way down there.
    So, the lesson I learned is that is I need 3.5 gallon of 168* I need to heat 7 gallons to 172*. This will give me my temp, and the element will stay on. Also, then I replace the volume I used to strike, and by the time the sach rest is done, my 7 gallons is up to 180* to sparge.
   Needless to say, I just ordered a pump.  ::)

Kegging and Bottling / Score at LHBS!
« on: April 28, 2017, 07:55:10 PM »
Two cases of bottles with the plastic crates for $6.00!!

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