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Going Pro / New Micro Brewery needs help
« on: February 13, 2014, 05:09:43 AM »
I'm starting a VERY small microbrew on a tiny island in the Pacific that is in dire need of local craft beer.  I've been bottling for over a year now with GREAT success, but am finally ready to graduate to kegging.  I'd like to keep it simple, using 5 gallon (1/6th) kegs and keg conditioning the brew.  Shipping is REALLY expensive here so I want to order the right stuff on the first try if possible.  Two questions:

1)  Should I order Sanke or Corny kegs?  I know Corny's are easier to clean, but I'm sure Sanke's will be easier to market to local bars & restaurants.  I don't mind taking out the spear and manually cleaning if it makes them easier to sell.  No keg washers out here I'm sure.

2)  Do I really need to purge O2 after filling the kegs?  That would mean I need a CO2 tank and a place to fill CO2 tanks, neither of which is readily available to my knowledge.  I never purge the secondary or bottles and the beer turns out just fine.  So can I just rack into the 1/6th (with priming sugar), put the spear in, and seal it up for fermenting?

Any thoughts would be GREAT!  Thanks!!!

Beer Recipes / LME Kit --- Help Needed
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:27:34 AM »
So my friend brought me a "Bock" canned LME kit from New Zealand that contains 2 things: a packet of yeast and a 4 lb can of hopped liquid malt.  It was a gift so I want to make sure I use it and the beer tastes good.  The recipe makes 23 liters (6.08 gallons) and calls for an additional 1 kg of "liquid brewing sugar or sugar."  I'd like to make it a 5 gallon recipe so it will fit in my fermenters.  I've got extra IPA ingredients - LME, DME, hops, & grains.  I was thinking about just doing a regular IPA extract brew - steep some grains, add canned malt & about 1 lb more of LME, maybe throw in a few extra hops (or dry hop later).  Call it a "Bock IPA"?  Any suggestions?  Anyone ever used one of these canned kits before??

General Homebrew Discussion / Bottle Cleaning
« on: September 25, 2013, 05:19:38 AM »
I'm a novice brewer on a tiny island in the Pacific.  Bottles are not easily accessible here, so I try to clean and re-use as much as possible.  I always rinse right after using, but I've got about a dozen 22's with some sediment stuck on the bottom.  I've tried soaking them in cleansers, hot water, and bleach, but they are still stubborn.  The bottle brush sucks because there are no bristles on the tip.  I've even tried using a wire clothes hanger to scrub the bottom without much success.  I've seen a few "bristle-tipped" or "cotton-tipped" brushes online, but haven't bought one yet. 

Any suggestions?

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