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Beer Recipes / Help! Peppercorn IPA
« on: October 14, 2013, 02:19:02 AM »
Hi all!  My homebrew club is doing an Iron Brewer Competition and I have to brew a beer with Peppercorns and London Ale yeast.  I have never used peppercorns before so any advice on when to use those in the boil and/or secondary would be great! 

Here is the grain bill we all have to use:
10 lbs golden promise
1.5 lbs rye malt
1 lb munich malt
0.5 lb caramel 90L

Yeast:  London Ale WLP013

Hops:  Thinking of Warrior for bittering and a late additions of some citrus hops such as citra, mosaic, falconers flight or zythos.

I was thinking adding some peppercorn at the end of the boil (maybe 5 mins) and possibly some in the secondary.  I don't want anything too peppery and undrinkable...  and i'm not sure how much to use. 

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