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Going Pro / Doubling/Tripling your estimated start-up costs. Where?
« on: March 24, 2014, 12:26:19 AM »
Hey all!  For years I've been researching the nano dream.  It would be a nano with a taproom to sell everything retail and little, if any, self distribution.  After reading/researching, emailing people in the biz and just getting a handle on all facets of the business everyone says to double or triple your initial investment expectations.  My question is: where are the major hiccups where I can expect to have to double or triple my finances.  Where are people hitting the big roadblocks where more money is needed?  I'm sure the answer will vary, but are there any unanimous answers to this question??  Places that are more suspect than any others?  I am confident that I have a good handle on things, but with the majority repeating the same thing it worries the hell out of me...  Any good advice out there on the areas to expect the major source of headaches?  Thanks in advance :)

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