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Other Fermentables / New to Kefir
« on: May 30, 2011, 02:32:12 AM »
In my curiosity regarding all things fermentable, I am both attracted and repulsed by Kefir.  I've read with interest the threads on the forum ..... and bought some at Whole Foods.

Now let me explain ...... sour milk is one of my most vomit-inducing sights and smells, let alone tastes.  When I find my son's sippy cup after three days under the couch it's all I can do not to add more chunks to the sink after I empty the cup.

So what would posess me to try this?  I dunno .... but that first sip was hard to stomach.  The second was merely awful.  But I was determined not to waste my money since you guys seem to enjoy it, so I added blueberries and blenderized it into a yougurt-like drink.  Not bad.  Managed to finish the rest of the bottle, and by the end it wasn't bad.  Bought my second bottle -- wildberry flavored this time -- and it was kinda tasty.

So I can make this at home?  Gotta try that!

Bought some grains on Amazon from real-man-of-genious and got a small plastic bag with a half of a teaspoon or so of gelatinous goop.  Put it in a cup of milk at room temperature for three days before I saw any thickening.  Nasty tasting -- sour verging on vomit-inducing.  Thought maybe too long fermenting and the milk kinda went bad.  Strained out the grains ... they seemed a little larger, so I put them into a new cup of milk.  Again about three days to see thickening and then it was practically cheese when I filtered it.  Gently smushed the cheese thru the strainer and fished out the grains, but them in a new cup of milk.  This time it only took 36 hours to thicken ....... refrigerated, strained, rinsed the cheese of the grains and they are probably about a tablespoon now.  And the Kefir?  Well ...... it tasted pretty darn good!  Just when I was about to give up too.

So I've got my tablespoon of grains in a cup and a half of milk, hoping for 24-36 hour fermentation.

Does this sound like I'm on the right track?  Is there anything I can be doing better?  What is the proportion of grains to milk -- can I ferement larger quantities or am I limited to making one daily drink at a time?  Do you ever end up with too many grains?

Thanks for introducing me to another fermentation project ....... my wife is slowly coming over to the dark side too, she's making home made yogurt (boy that yogurt maker looks like a good way to make a lacto starter for a Berliner Weisse ..... ;) )

-- animaldoc

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