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Kegging and Bottling / Kegerator Questions.....I need help!
« on: August 07, 2010, 10:31:28 AM »
I have a few different questions regarding my newly built kegerator.  I will try to keep them short.

First and most important.  After getting all 4 new lines hooked up to the faucets I ran PBW and star san through the lines, thinking that I wouldn't have to worry about BLC until the lines had been used a while.  Soon after having kegs connected to the lines I started to notice contamination issues in the beer (cidery, flat, sour).  I was able to pin point this to an issue in my lines as the beer tasted great coming out of my cobra taps.  So I bought the line cleaning pump accessory and BLC and cleaned/rinsed all lines thoroughly.  Now about two weeks later I seem to be noticing the same issues, the beer quality is worse coming out of my kegerator lines compared to my cobra taps.  I use Perlick faucets and corny kegs.  As I have been carbonating my beers I have been disconnecting/reconnecting my beer lines to shake the kegs and continue to sample.   Could this reconnecting/disconnecting be whats leading to the infections?  I notice a little beer comes dribbles out each time I do this......yet my cobra taps do the same and I still haven't noticed the off flavors through them.  I'm guessing they just need to be cleaned/sanitized more thoroughly.  If there is anyone that has encountered these same issues, what process did you go through to properly clean the lines. 

Second question (should be shorter).  In choosing my line length and size I assumed most of my beers would be around 2.5 vol carbonation and my freezer would generally be around 40 degrees.  This led me to having my regulator generally at 12 psi.  So I did the math and got 4 - 4 foot 3/16" lines to hopefully have a properly balanced system.  Well this has not been the case.  I have been carbonating my IPA around 12 psi and yet my beers have been coming out as almost all foam.  Am I missing something here?

Third question.   So if my system needs to be at 12 psi to be balanced and I have carbonated a saison at 24 psi to get the right carbonation, and I move the psi back down to 12 to serve, does that mean it won't be long before my saison is soon undercarbonated? 

I really appreciate any help with these issues.



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