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I just made one, but wanted to brew tomorrow (in about 18 hours).  In Palmer's book it notes to wait a few days.  I don't usually make starters, but pitch it right from the package.  Are there any problems that I can expect by pitching the starter too soon? 

Also, my last batch I combined two strands of yeast, had a good outcome, and am doing the same with this one.  This time I am repitching WLP001 and a new vile of WLP004.  Can anyone think of any concerns with doing so? 

Thanks in advance for the feedback. 

General Homebrew Discussion / How to fix a batch
« on: August 19, 2010, 03:43:04 AM »
I made this honey ale and it didn't come out the way I had hoped.  I was wondering if anyone had some ideas for correcting it/feedback on ideas I had thought of etc.

It is insanely sweet, has very little body, and the alcohol is between 9 and 10%.  I added some potassium sorbate hoping that would stop the fermentation but leave some of the honey aroma/flavor etc.  Thus the sweetness factor.  It has stayed in the keg for four days now. 

I thought of returning it to fermenter/carboy, boiling up some hops, and throwing that in to cut the sweetness without provoking more fermentation.  I have also thought of adding some maltodextrin to give it more body.  Another option would be to make a different beer and mix the two. 

Feedback on tips/suggestions is greatly appreciated. 

Ingredients / Brewing with Honey
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:38:29 PM »
I am making a Honey Ale, not a mead.  I have a question about adding honey to the primary and secondary and how/if that will affect the alcohol level and subsequent flavor.   

After the partial mash, my OG was 1.059 for nearly 5gallons.  I then put 2lbs of honey in the primary.  After a week, my gravity was 1.013.  I didn't get any honey aroma or flavor, so I added another 1lb of honey to the secondary.  Fermentation restarted as suggested by the airlock  bubbling regularly again, but not aggressively.  After another week (2weeks since mash), the mash is 1.012, but still no honey aroma or taste. I just added another 1lb of honey (total of 4lbs of honey).   

Is adding the honey going to be noticeable?  What will it do to the alcohol %? 

Thanks in advance for the help


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