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All Grain Brewing / 1st time messing with water chemistry
« on: August 14, 2013, 10:36:37 PM »
So I am finally starting to take a look at water chemistry, but I want to try to keep it simple. I don't have a way to measure Ph and probably won't anytime soon (new skis and a season pass makes to afraid to float the idea by wife). After doing a little research about my local water (very high alkalinity, but limited available info on much else) and the fact that I can get RO water for .35/gal, I have decided to build from RO.

Here's the recipe for an American Red:

Pale Malt 2-Row (Muntons) 9.5 lb. 74.8%
Victory .5 lb.  3.9%
Crystal (40L) 1 lb.  7.9%
Munich Malt 1 lb. 7.9%
Crystal (120L) .5 lb.  3.9%
Chocolate .2 lb.  1.6%

.5 oz Magnum @ 60 min
.5 oz. Centennial @ 10 min
.5 oz Cascade @ 10 min
.5 oz. Centennial @ 0 min
.5 oz Cascade @ 0 min

US-05 yeast
Mash @ 153 for 60 minutes (Batch sparge)

For the water I was planning on adding 1 teaspoon of calcium chloride and 1 teaspoon gypsum to my 5 gallons of strike water and 6 oz. acidulated malt into my grist.   For the sparge I am probably just going to use the RO water.

Any advice on water chemistry for this recipe, or just in general is much appreciated.

General Homebrew Discussion / Happy Surprise
« on: August 08, 2013, 02:17:29 AM »
So while cleaning my fruit room a couple days ago I noticed a 12 pack box of swing top bottles I had lost track of. Since I knew I would be bottling today I went down to grab em and clean up and realized some of them were full of beer. ::) It took me a minute to realize they were from a batch that turned our bad on a Westmalle Tripel I brewed a few years ago. I had nothing but problem with the batch including a blown lid off of my fermenter and a storage room covered in wort. heh beer never rounded into anything good in the 6 months of aging I gave it and ended up dumping the rest (or so I thought).

Anyway, long story short I decided to taste one before dumping the bottles and it was actually really good! They were swing top bottles so I resealed the one I opened and put it in the fridge to see how it would be cold. Other than suffering from chill haze it's fantastic. Went back and checked my notes to see I brewed it on 3/11/11. So it only took 29 months of cellering to round into shape.  ;D

I ended up taking it as a sign that the universe didn't want me to bottle today. So I relaxed and had a homebrew!    8)

General Homebrew Discussion / Yesteray's (mis)adventure
« on: August 05, 2013, 02:48:39 PM »
Yesterday I brewed up a Northern English Brown and everything went very smoothly. Hit my mash temps on the nose, had great efficiency (for me) at 76%, and everything smelled great and looked good. Then it came to cooling...

After the boil I took the kettle down and turned on the hose for my immersion chiller and about a minute later I realized I had a leak where the vinyl tubing connected to the copper and the hose water was slowing draining into the wort. I quickly pulled it out, but I guesstimate somewhere between 2-4 oz's of water got in. The good news is that it is culinary water, but the bad news is I have no idea what may be growing on the inside of the hose. I ended up starting the bathwater and using my freezer ice to get it cooling, while I ran to 7-11 and picked up an ice block and another 20 lb's of ice. I was still able to get it down to 65 degrees in about 50 minutes, which is only about 15 minutes slower than my chiller, so no real harm done there. I just worry about possibly getting an infection, though I hope the fact that it was dripping into 200 degree wort will help a bit. If I would have been thinking better I would have just thrown it back on the kettle for 5 minutes to kill anything. Only downside I can see to that would be a slight change in my hop profile, but better than a ruinded batch. I guess I will know in a few weeks.

Just goes to show you need to plan for everything because nothing ever goes 100% smooth.

Beer Recipes / Northern English Brown Ale
« on: July 31, 2013, 11:01:36 PM »
I am looking to brew a brown ale this weekend and have come up with this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

5 Gallon batch 6.5 gallon boil

8 lbs. Maris Otter
1 lb. Crystal 60
1 lb. Munich
.5 lb. Brown Malt
.5 lb. Biscuit
.25 lb. Chocolate

.5 oz. Northern Brewer @ 60
.5 oz. Fuggle @ 30
.5 oz. Fuggle @ 15
.5 oz. EKG @ 5

US-05 Yeast

Mash @ 152 for 60 min with 1.5 qts/lb.
70% effciency should give a OG of 1.057

Yeast and Fermentation / Is liquid yeast significantly better?
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:17:45 PM »
I have used liquid yeast exclusively since I began brewing, but as I talk to a couple other guys I know who brew great beer, I am starting to wonder if it is worth the extra $$ and hassle of making a starter. Often times I don't end up knowing I will brew until the day before or even the day of, so I end up buying 2 vials of yeast instead of making the starter, and I am sick of dropping $16.00 for my yeast.

For the styles I brew (IPA's, Brown Ale's, ESB's, PA's) am I gaining anything significant over using US-04 or US-05?

Beer Recipes / Golden Ale Recipe
« on: July 19, 2013, 12:21:49 AM »
I am planning on doing my first all grain batch in the next week or so and wanted to do something that would be good for tailgating. The people I tailgate with range from beer lovers to Natty Light drinkers and I wanted to try to get something that would be good for as many as possible, and was thinking a lighlty hopped golden would be the ticket. Any body have any recipe's I could work from, or ideas of what is needed?

Beer Recipes / How does this IPA look?
« on: October 11, 2011, 09:08:43 PM »
I created this by looking over a bunch of SN Celebration clone recipes, and combining what I thought would work (and what is available at the LHBS).  Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.

6 lbs. Coopers Light LME
2 lb. American 2-row pale (steeped for 30 min.)
1 lb. Briess Carapils (steeped for 30 mins.)
1 lb. Breiss crystal 40 L (steeped for 30 min.)

1.5 Chinook     60 min.
.5 Centennial   10 min.
.5 Cascade      10 min.
.5 Centennial    1 min
.5 Cascade       1 min.
.5 Cascade and Centennial dry hopped @ 7 days

White Labs California Ale (wlp001)

Expected OG - 1.062
Expected FG- 1.015
IBU -53.8
SRM - 8
ABV - 6.3%

5 gallon batch, done with a 3 gallon boil.

Thanks for any info

The Pub / Nothing better
« on: March 18, 2011, 12:27:12 AM »
Is there anything better than sitting on the couch eating pizza, drinking good beer and watching March Madness?  I say no!

General Homebrew Discussion / What type of hops should I grow?
« on: March 09, 2011, 02:20:16 PM »
This spring I plan on planting a few hop bines.  I am looking for a few types that will grow in my climate (hardiness zone 6-7), and are also versatile enough to use in lots of different beers.  I am not really familiar enough with the various varieties yet so what are some of your favorite?

General Homebrew Discussion / The batch from hell!
« on: March 08, 2011, 01:15:03 AM »
My beer brewing career is having a rough day.  I did a Belgian Triple yesterday and everything went fine, except for overshooting my OG due to some miscalculations on my part, but really not a big deal at all. The real trouble started this morning. When I checked on it this morning it was at a good temp (62 degrees) and was bubbling away. But I noticed a few chunks in the stem of my airlock so I decided to clean it out so it won't get clogged.  So I take it out, clean it and sanitize it and as I am putting it back into the fermenter, the rubber gromet breaks through and falls in the wort.   >:( I don't have a spare at home so I rig up the hole to get a tight seal. Seems to work as my airlock is bubbling away again when I leave for work.  I pick up a spare gromet on my lunch break and come home to replace it only to find my lid 4 feet from the fermenter and my basement walls covered in a nice slime.  :'(  When I saw it all I really couldn't do anything but laugh.

To top it all off, this is the first batch that I haven't used hop bags so the slime is filled with fine chunks of hop particles. On the bright side I had the door closed so at least my dog wasn't down there drinking away! 

General Homebrew Discussion / overshot my OG
« on: March 07, 2011, 12:53:05 AM »
This morning I brewed up this recipe for a Belgian Triple:
7.5 lbs Muntons extra light dry extract
2 lbs. cane sugar

.5 oz. Tettnanger    60 min.    3.9 AA
1.25   Czech Saaz  60 min.    3.0 AA
1.5 oz. Hallertau     30 min.    4.6 AA
.75 oz. Czech Saaz  5 min.    3.0 AA

White Labs Abbey Ale (2.5 L starter)

During the process I decided to add just half the sugar to the boil and the other half into the fermenter in a few days to help control the temp. I ended up pitching at 63 degrees and was expecting an OG of 1.065, but ended with a 1.075 reading, which is what I was expecting it to be with the full 2 lbs. of sugar.  Any ideas on what could have caused this? I only do a partial boil but I know the wort was mixed well because I spent at least 10 minutes mixing and aerating the wort. If you were in my shoes would you still add the other pound of sugar?

General Homebrew Discussion / Decanting question
« on: March 05, 2011, 10:43:27 PM »
I was planning on brewing my beligian tripel recipe up tomorrow (Sunday) and I did my yeast starter (2.5 L) on Thursday, planning to chill the starter Saturday night and decant on Sunday. I don't have a stir plate and have just been shaking it up every chance I get. I have had a some things come up and would really rather brew today, but the starter was given a good shake about 30 minutes ago. Will the 3-4 hours or so be long enough for the yeast to settle enough to decant? Or would I be much better off sticking to my original plan?  I wouldn't necessarily mind pitching the full starter but I worry with it being so large that it would affect the whole batch. Any advice woule be appreciated.

General Homebrew Discussion / starter question
« on: March 02, 2011, 09:28:35 PM »
I plan on brewing a Belgian Tripel this weekend and according to I need a 2.5 liter starter with one vial of my white labs yeast.  Up to this point I have never done a starter so I am a little unsure about how to go about it.  Should I boil 2.5 liters of water with 1 lb. of dry malt extract, bring to 70 degrees and add yeast? Is that all there is to it, or am I missing something?
Thanks for any info

General Homebrew Discussion / Do bottles matter?
« on: January 30, 2011, 02:26:41 AM »
Two weeks ago I brewed an extract ESB and had my first taste yesterday. I had my taste out of a 16 oz. swing top bottle and when poured it had a good 1" head that lasted throughout most of the drink and it had really good lacing. I was very pleasantly surprised with the aroma and taste and it was just what I was going for.

Today I poured a drink out of a regular 12 oz. bottle and it had basically no head or lacing. The aroma was not even close to where it was yesterday. The flavor was still good but not quite the same but I am not sure it this was caused by the lack of aroma and carbonation. Does the type of bottle matter? I don't have any other chilled currently but just put 1 of each bottle type in the fridge and will i guess I will have to test tomorrow.  ;D

The Pub / Who ya got?
« on: January 20, 2011, 01:49:37 AM »
Sadly gambling..uh...I mean football season is just about over, but we have a couple good games coming up this weekend. Who you got?

I'll take the Packers -3.5 and the over (43.5). And I will take the Jets +4 with the Steelers winning, and the over (39) here as well.

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