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Equipment and Software / Brewatercalc - brewing water calculator
« on: March 26, 2016, 10:58:52 PM »
I would like to present new software for brewing water calculation. The software is developed by me, and it is completely free to use. I hope that you will find it  useful.


Some of futures:

With this calculator you can do:

-Creating base for waters, target profiles and malts for further use
-Automatically blend two and more different waters, so that all together be as much as possible close to target profile
-Automatic calculation of minerals/salts together with base waters to match target profile as close as posible.
-You can choose which minerals/salts will be taken into account during automatic calculation
-You can also enter all data manually like in spreadsheet
-The software works as standalone application
-It is posible to generate report as .pdf file at any time (in future will be and html export supported)
-You can have different project for every batch, which can be saved to base and available at any time
-I hope that in future this project will be translated to more languages then existing two (with help of other users)
-The method for calculation of mash pH used in this software is proven, but user should check it

Development of this software is continuing, and in future you could expect more interesting futures.

I am currently preparing an video tutorial, where the software will be presented in detail.

Thank you a lot for your feedback.


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