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West Sound Brewers is hosting two events inspired by Learn to Homebrew Day.

The first is on the actual day, Nov. 6, beginning at 9 am and will be a partial-mash demonstration at a member's home in Poulsbo.

The second will be an all-grain demo and will be delayed 2 weeks to the 20th because Learn to Homebrew Day falls on the host's wedding anniversary this year. It will also be held at a member's home (a different member) in Poulsbo. Dough-in will be at noon (arrive between 11:30 and noon to see the entire brewing process). This will also serve as the West Sound Brewers' November meeting.

For details and directions on both events, please use the Contact Form on our website to get in touch with us.

Hope to see you there!!

Brad Ginn
West Sound Brewers

Ingredients / Corn Sugar Potential Extract
« on: December 17, 2009, 02:32:57 PM »
What do you all use for potential extract from Corn Sugar when formulating your recipes?  I've always used Promash and never questioned it. Promash uses 1.046. During Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day a buddy said it's 1.037 (a number from Noonan, iirc).  I was brewing a dubbel, which had a significant amount of corn sugar.  We pulled out several books and did some web searching and didn't find anything close to a consensus.  Next day, I dissolved 1 oz corn sugar in 1 cup water (to simulate 1 lb in 1 gallon) and measured it (w/ refractometer and converted to s.g.) at 1.038.  Due to the small amounts, this little experiment is greatly affected by small measurement errors, so I'm not highly confident in the results.


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