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Beer Recipes / American Rye?
« on: July 25, 2010, 02:44:00 PM »
American Rye

4 lb two-row pale
3 lb rye, flaked (what's more American than high percentage adjunct? I just don't have the malted.)
4 oz crystal 75L
2 oz Melanoidin (just for a touch of maltyness reminiscent of a real Roggen)

.75 oz Sterling (7%) at 25
.75 oz Columbus (14%) at 5 (all late additions)

Should come in at 5 gallons at 1.045, 6 SRM and 20 IBUs. I'll probably use US-05 fermented in the low 60's and serve it clear.

I might do a cereal mash to squeeze all the flavor I can out of the rye. Maybe even toast a pound.

What do you think? Any one have a good American rye recipe?

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