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WA / Come brew in the Columbia Gorge - White Salmon
« on: November 04, 2010, 01:46:03 PM »
Hey Folks,

The B.O.G. or Brewers of the Gorge will be stirring up an all-grain batch in White Salmon. Stop by our member's house to see his setup and meet fellow homebrewers of the Columbia Gorge (WA / OR border). We are a relaxed club and have members from Stevenson to The Dalles with a satellite branch in Portland as well. Meetings are held monthly at a members home or at a local brewery to share homebrew, tips, and gadgets. Each year we host a Wild & Sour Beer Fest, B.O.G. Fest Camp out, and compete head to head for a custom chalice in the annual PIMP Cup.

The B.O.G. is all about better beer! Bring a carboy down and see.

For more info contact:

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