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All Grain Brewing / Caramelizing Wort
« on: October 26, 2017, 02:46:17 PM »
Inspired by a beer that The Alchemist brews, I am trying to plan on brewing an 8% Brown Ale for Thanksgiving.

John Kimmich talks about caramelizing the first runnings. Then proceeding on once the sparge is over (which I do batch sparge for all beers) with the normal process. Before I jump into this blindly, does anyone have any advice on how to do this? Should I increase my post boil volume by a half gallon? Do I get out the first runnings and actually bring to a boil, or do I just turn on the burner?


General Homebrew Discussion / 1st Lager
« on: July 25, 2017, 05:42:58 PM »

Want to make my first lager, now that I have a ferm chamber - but don't want to do it the new 'fast lager method' (going to be gone for two weeks). I don't really trust a lot of the articles on the internet, so I was hoping someone could explain the traditional method. Thinking leave at 50 degrees for 2 weeks, rise to 65 degrees to kick diacetyl, then gradually lower to 38 and cold crash?


All Grain Brewing / Bru'n Water - Reverse Osmosis
« on: June 27, 2017, 03:32:26 PM »
Moving to a town with water being sourced from multiple wells, so I've decided to buy a R/O Filter.

Need to ask this - when using Bru'n water, (assuming this R/O filter works as it should) - do I just leave the water input blank? I've never used R/O before and looking forward to it, but also obviously want to make sure it's done correctly.


Kegging and Bottling / Insignia Kegerator
« on: June 20, 2017, 03:45:51 PM »
Looking for some advice on Kegerators!

Has anyone ever purchased an Insignia Kegerator, such as this;

Less expensive then most other mid range brands like Kegco or Edgestar, but wasn't sure if it lacks in quality or is just sold at a higher volume out of a place like Bestbuy so they can afford to be cheaper.


All Grain Brewing / Water Question
« on: May 25, 2017, 05:06:30 PM »
Hi Guys,

More of a lurker then a poster - but I need some advice.

I'm moving to a town where they only give an annual water report - which is here and also from 2015. And if TLDR, water is sourced from multiple wells so isn't always consistent.

How do I combat this, other then plugging in that report into something like EZ Water Calculator? Because we already put normal tap water through a filter. Will buying something like a carbon filter do the trick? I know it'll vary by style and what Mash PH I want, but I just was looking for some advice on something I know little about.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Beer Recipes / IPA Hop Schedule
« on: June 10, 2016, 02:04:42 PM »
Happy Friday, brewing up a 6 gallon batch later this evening, and hoping for some feedback for my hop schedule. Looking to go after the NE IPA Style, so my first thought is to save majority of hops for the whirlpool / flameout. I just am wondering if adding all the hops in at the end will create a beautiful symphony or just kind of have the aroma be 'overcrowded'.

Malt bill -
13 lbs Pilsner
1 lb white wheat
1 lb flaked wheat
1/2 lb of carapils
1/2 lb of crystal 15
1/2 lb of dextrose - 10 mins left in boil

.5 oz Columbus 60
.5 oz Columbus 10 minutes
.5 oz Nelson Sauvin - 5 minutes
2 oz Columbus - 20 minute whirlpool
2 oz Mosaic - 20 minute whirlpool
1.5 oz Nelson Sauvin - 20 minute whirlpool
2 oz Galaxy - 20 minute whirlpool

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeast and Fermentation / Yeast Starter Life Expectancy
« on: June 07, 2016, 12:31:47 AM »
Looking for some advice. Last Thursday I made a yeast starter with the intention to brew on Saturday. After 24 hours of being on a stir plate, put the starter in my fridge to crash as usual, but then Saturday brew day never happened. I now am planning on brewing Friday, 8 days after, with the starter still in the fridge. Should I whip it back out and put it on the stir plate again, does 8 days of 'cold crashing' kind of nullify the effects of a starter?

Ingredients / Nelson IPA
« on: May 03, 2016, 10:11:02 PM »
Recently had a Trillium Dialed In which is brewed with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice. It began to make me think what it would be like adding a half of bottle of Sauvignon Blanc wine to an IPA heavily hopped with Nelson Sauvignon. Has anyone ever done this before? Is a half of bottle too much or too little?

Thanks for the feedback.

All Grain Brewing / Brewing a Lager for the first time
« on: March 29, 2016, 05:41:46 PM »
Hi Guys,

Entering a small competition at the end of May and want to set myself aside from the competition so I'm taking a risk and brewing a lager for the first time. I have the temperature control capabilities so I'm not really too worried about much else. But I had to ask, any specific tips or pointers regarding the brewing process for a lager? All the way from mashing in to fermentation and diacetyl rest.


Kegging and Bottling / Regulator Question
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:23:33 PM »
Hi Guys,

New member here, been brewing for a little over a year now and just started kegging back in August. I kegged my third batch of beer last night when I realized today, I had an oversight in the carbonating process. I force-carbonated at 30 PSI for 2.5 minutes then proceeded to take the Co2 fitting off, lowered the pressure down to 12 PSI, reconnected the Co2 and the beer line, and put the keg back in the kegerator. At no point in this process did I pull the PRV at all. Today reading / hearing that not pulling the PRV and reconnecting the gas right away will cause beer to shoot back up into the regulator has me concerned that I may have destroyed my regulator. I have yet to get home from work to check it, but at this point is there anything I can do other then buy a new regulator?


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