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General Homebrew Discussion / Done with hefes
« on: September 27, 2016, 03:23:11 PM »
I consider myself a pretty experienced brewer (20 years+) and hefe is one of my favorite styles.  I've tried nearly all the typical things to improve this style and I think I make a pretty good one...  That was until I picked up some Weihenstephaner Hefe this weekend.  It had been a while.  OMG.  I am such an amateur.  I have serious reservations that homebrewers come even come close.  And if you say you do, prepare to ship a bottle to me and I will side by side it.  I remind myself that they have been making beer longer than we have been a country (1040 or maybe even 725) but still...  I think I will just pick some up now and then and not brew it anymore. 

General Homebrew Discussion / 30m boil help
« on: July 22, 2016, 04:53:42 PM »
Working toward the mythical 2 hour AG session and in the spirit of LODO brewing I plan to try a 30m boil on next brew.  Plan to plug recipe into Promash and reduce boil off rate 50% to get my liquid numbers and also change IBU/hop additions to 30m max.  That’s all I can think of.  Anything you guys can think of I am missing?   

Yeast and Fermentation / Anyone have some 3726 I can have?
« on: June 20, 2016, 04:15:30 PM »
Hit 100F here in Ohio a few times already and got me fired up for saison and this is the ONLY strain I will use.  I wonder if someone has some banked/harvested they would share?  Many thanks in advance!

Yeast and Fermentation / Current thoughts on hefe strains
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:28:08 PM »
Gearing up for a hefe right now.  Lost in a bewilderment of varying opinions on a hefe yeast choice.  Like all things, most guys have different opinions as to the perfect hefe...  For the record, I have never been to Germany, but have had various fresh draft german hefe.  I need to calibrate my palette and snag one to confirm, but I recall that I prefer Paulaner.  IIRC it was very balanced, spicy, clove, banana, fruit, malt.  No lead player just a nice group effort.  Obviously, 3068 gets alot of love.  Get any other fruit or malt with it?  I read it's clove/banana, but that's it, and kinda my memory of it.  Good but it was not "the one".  Used WB06 last few, and it's a good yeast, but it's the fruity hefe type (Erdinger?).  I do get some vanilla and malt, but not as much clove or banana as I would have liked.  As I type this, a blend of the 2 sound freaking incredible...  Once I start looking into the other strains I get lost in descriptors and varying opinions...  I have a nice recipe and water dialed in so it's down to just yeast.  Any thoughts? 

Ingredients / Centennial fans
« on: April 15, 2016, 02:17:58 PM »
Reveal your secrets!  What/how are you doing to coax the best out of this hop?  I can't seem to eek out the glorious orange-y perfume-y magic that is in THA or Centennial IPA and I've been brewing a long time.  Are we just stuck with 2nd rate hops since the pros snatch the cream of the crop (somewhat my current theory).  If anyone here is in Centennial nirvana, help a brother out.  Call me old school, but I think a Centennial IPA walks over the current dank/tropical offerings...   

General Homebrew Discussion / Split batch different dry hops
« on: April 12, 2016, 06:50:01 PM »
I have an IPA I collected a little too much wort on (6G).  I did a bunch of research about dry hopping and am a bit psyched to try some stuff.  Think I might rack into 2 5G carboys and try different dry hops in each.  I am sort of the opinion that the dry hop might play a larger role in IPAs than the whirlpool.  I deliberately backed off the whirlpool for this.  Curious if anyone has done this and has an opinion.  Any thoughts appreciated. 

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