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Ingredients / Hops to go with WLP500 in a Single
« on: January 23, 2017, 08:06:57 PM »
I am planning a Single/Patersbier for next week. Probably 100% Floor malted Pils to 1.046 or so and WLP500. I have not used this yeast and plan to ferment cool 62-63F as seems to be the common recommendation for this strain. I want to give the beer enough hops to know they are in there but to complement the yeast well. Maybe 20g at 20 min and again 20g at 5 min? Saaz and Styrians seem traditional in the role but I have neither. Of the following list what would recommend to go with this yeast? Pick one or a blend if you think that will work better. I have a to more hops on hand but I am not listing the punchy American ones because I don't think that's what I want here.

Mt. Hood

Beer Recipes / Going to try my hand at IPL
« on: January 18, 2017, 10:38:52 PM »
I have a few things going on here that are new to me. Never made and IPL and never used Mandarina Bavaria. Here's what my mind has come up with so far. Give me your thoughts with regard to the hop blend quantities, varieties and such. Is the Motueka superfluous? I know Motueka is less prominent than your typical American IPA hops and Mandarina is reputed to be as well. The hop schedule is meant to reflect that fact such that I get a clear representation from Mandarina. Want lots of bright fruity citrus zest character from this blend.

6 gallons
IBU 40
30 min boil

75% Weyermann Floor Malted Pils
25% Best Malz Vienna
Brewtan B
Mash 148/30min ramp to 160F/25min.

30 min boil
-kettle additions of whirlfloc, nutrient, Brewtan B

Apollo @30

Whirlpool @160F
60g Mandarina Bavaria
30g Motueka
30g Amarillo or Cascade or both

Dry Hop
60g Mandarina Bavaria
30g Motueka
30g Amarillo or Cascade or both

2 pkts. W34/70

Water: target 5.3 mash pH
Ca-50+, SO4-125, Cl-50

Beer Recipes / Brown Ale, critique
« on: December 15, 2016, 02:51:35 PM »
Going to make a brown ale. Haven't made one in a good long while. Looking for a mid-gravity more malt focused version with a little balance from the Willamette. Big unknown to me is the Special Roast. Too much, too little? Thoughts on the rest of the recipe?

6 gallons
IBU 28
30 minute boil

86% Crisp Maris Otter
7% Bairds Crystal 55L (12oz)
3.5% Special Roast (6oz)
3.5% Crisp Chocolate 375L (6oz)
*Mash 150F/40min and 160F/10 minutes

14g Apollo @30
15g Willamette @15
15g Willamette @5


General Homebrew Discussion / Last Year's Apple Juice
« on: September 25, 2016, 01:49:48 AM »
I'm getting ready to do my first pressing this year and realized I have several gallons of juice from last year's pressing still in the freezer. These were frozen right after pressing. If I were to thaw them and toss in some yeast should I sulfite them first or should there be very little wild stuff left after a year below 0F? What would you guys do here?

Ingredients / Cashmere
« on: March 02, 2016, 04:42:40 PM »
Who has used it? I picked up a half pound with my last YVH order. I hear it is nice for APA/IPA and that is how I would like to use it. Suggestions on using it alone for flavor and aroma or a suggestion for a pairing hop? Also, how strong is it…. IOW, does it take a little more like a motueka or hallertau blanc to come across or is it like a cascade/centennial, or is it over the top oil like a galaxy or citra?

All Grain Brewing / Dropping the pH of a finished beer
« on: January 10, 2016, 10:22:08 PM »
Ok, I have a pale ale that is finished and nice in every way except it seems a little flabby. I degassed a sample and obtained a pH of 4.47. Makes sense to me that pH could be the culprit. What guidance have you guys on dropping the pH of the keg?

How low should I try to get it? 4.3? 4.2?

Also, any general guidance on how much 88% lactic acid to add to 5 gallons would be appreciated.

Yeast and Fermentation / Winter Wyeast PC Strains
« on: January 06, 2016, 02:47:47 AM »
Anyone have any experiences with these strains they would like to share. 3 English strains. I have used WY1026 one time and it made terrific EIPA for me.

Wyeast 1026-PC British Cask Ale™
Beer Styles: Blonde Ale, English IPA, English Pale Ale, ESB, Southern English Brown Ale, English Bitter
Profile: Wyeast 1026-PC is a great yeast choice for any cask conditioned British ale style, and especially well-suited for hoppy bitters, IPAs and Australian ales. A good attenuator that clears readily. Low to moderate ester production in fermentation, letting malt and hops come through, finishes crisp and slightly tart.
Alc. Tolerance          9% ABV
Flocculation              medium-high
Attenuation               74-77%
Temp. Range             63-72°F (17-22°C)
Wyeast 1768-PC English Special Bitter™
Beer Styles: Blonde Ale, English IPA, ESB, Oatmeal Stout, Southern English Brown, English Bitter, Sweet Stout, Pale Ale
Profile: A great yeast for malt-predominate ales. Produces light fruit and ethanol aromas along with soft, nutty flavors. Exhibits a mild malt profile with a neutral finish. Bright beers are easily achieved without any filtration. It is similar to our 1968 London ESB Ale but slightly less flocculent.
Alc. Tolerance          9% ABV
Flocculation              high
Attenuation               68-72%
Temp. Range             64-72°F (18-22°C)
Wyeast 1882-PC Thames Valley Ale II™
Beer Styles: Ordinary and Special Bitters, ESB, Northern English Brown, Robust Porter, Dry Stout, Foreign Extra Stout, English Pale Ale and IPA 
Profile: 1882-PC produces crisp, dry English ales with a rich malt profile and moderate stone fruit esters. This attenuative strain is also highly flocculent, resulting in bright beers not requiring filtration. A thorough diacetyl rest is recommended after fermentation is complete.
Alc. Tolerance          10% ABV
Flocculation              high
Attenuation               72-78%
Temp. Range             60-70°F (15-21°C)

General Homebrew Discussion / AHA Recipe WIKI broken?
« on: November 19, 2015, 08:21:47 PM »
If I try to access Denny's BVIP recipe here the link doesn't work. In fact it looks as though someone has not been paying the bills or something. Anyone else unable to access the link?

Ingredients / Azacca
« on: October 15, 2015, 09:31:33 PM »
Who has brewed with this hop? I am going to make a well hopped APA with it soon and I am wondering if I should use it solo or pair it up with some cascade/centennial or maybe Amarillo/Chinook. Looking to do equal amounts (roughly 90-100g/3+oz.) 170F whirlpool and again dry. Thoughts on it alone or favorite pairings?

Beer Travel / Beer and Food in Minneapolis/St.Paul
« on: October 14, 2015, 09:37:06 PM »
Going to be there this weekend. Looking for beer destination locations. Breweries, pubs, bottle shops. Also open to great restaurants/wine bars too. We're only going to be there 2.5 days but want to hit a few places while there.  Probably will get to Surly one night or the other. What else is "can't miss"? We have been to Great Waters and to both Republic locations as well as Day Block. Day Block had great food but the beer was so so IMO. What have you got?

Equipment and Software / pH probe calibration
« on: October 06, 2015, 12:54:12 PM »
Been a while since I calibrated and I was overdue. Went to calibrate and the good news was that calibration was dead on at 4.00 and only .02 off at 7.00. The bad news is that it took 3-4 minutes before it settled in at those values. Is this a sign that my probe is at/near its end of life? (it has been well cared for but it is a little over 2 yrs old.)

Beer Recipes / Biere de… whatever
« on: October 03, 2015, 05:14:57 PM »
Been kicking around an idea for a flavorful sipper for a while now. Thought I would try keeping the recipe really simple to let what is there sine through but looking for some input or thoughts. Maybe throw in 4-6oz. Aromatic or Melanoidin or honey malt? Go ahead and pimp this recipe.

6 gallons post boil
OG ~1.075-80
SRM 4.5
IBU 28

100% Weyermann Floor Malted Pils

Mash @148F/35min and 158F/35min

Gr. Magnum @60
15g Strisselspalt @15
15g Strisselspalt @5

WY3725 @68-70F rising after 24hrs.

Target mash pH of 5.4 with lactic acid and modest and roughly equal amounts of SO4 and Cl to get Ca up to 50ppm.

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