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Ingredients / Brewtan-B dosage amounts confusion
« on: December 06, 2017, 01:25:17 PM »
So I’m getting a bit confused on the dosage amounts, maybe I’m just thick headed. I have read some say you treat the MASH water, others say the STRIKE water, can I assume strike water is the TOTAL water used, mash and spage, and the dosage is split and added to both and others say BATCH size? I do 8+ gallon batches, so if I only treat the mash water at a rate of 2gr/hl and I’m mashing in with 9.5 gallons I would use .72gr. My SPARGE water amount is 7 gallons, do I treat this with an additional .53gr of Brewtan B or would all of it go in with the mash, .72gr + .53gr? Lastly, in the boil, do I treat the wort amount in the BK, about 9.5 gallons or the BATCH size, 8 gallons?



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