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If you have been considering attending this year’s Siebel Institute Advanced Homebrewing Course in July, here’s something that might be of interest. On the weekend following the completion of the course, the first Sierra Nevada “Beer Camp Across America” will be making a stop on Sunday, July 27 at Navy Pier in Chicago.

Beer Camp is inviting every craft brewer in the nation on a cross-country caravan that will stop in 7 major brewing cities, with Chicago hosting the 4th stop of this beer-based bacchanalia. The events will feature 12 beers from a collaborative 12-pack brewed by a Who’s Who of American brewers. There will be dozens of other beers to try from breweries both local and national as well as food, entertainment, and lots of Midwest hospitality.

Those taking the Advanced Homebrewers Course will not only be able to learn advanced brewing techniques with Ray Daniels, Randy Mosher, Chris White and Chris Graham, you will also be able to experience the amazing brewing culture of the city. For those who choose to stay for a couple of extra days, Beer Camp will be an amazing way to cap off a week of learning, tasting and a ton of fun.

For information about Beer Camp, check out the web site at and for information on our advanced homebrewing course, go to the Siebel Institute web site at .

Keith Lemcke
Siebel Institute of Technology

Yeast and Fermentation / Danstar yeast contest
« on: January 20, 2012, 04:41:54 PM »
I have been getting questions from AHA members regarding our "Beer School 2012 Contest" and the contest deadline. While April 12th is the deadline to receive entries, KEEP SAVING EMPTY DANSTAR YEAST PACKAGES after that as we will probably be having other contests in the future. You can get details of the current Beer School contest on the web at

Keith Lemcke

General Homebrew Discussion / Listing local homebrew suppliers
« on: October 28, 2010, 06:30:18 PM »
Danstar & Lalvin yeast offer a web-based listing of worldwide retailers of home brewing & winemaking products, and we are looking to expand our listings to include as many homebrewing/winemaking stores as possible. If you operate a homebrewing/winemaking store and would like to be included in our listings, please complete the following information and send it to  .

Name of the Business:
Street Address:
Postal Code:
Phone Number (for sales):
Email Address:
Web Site URL:
Do you sell our beer-related products?:
Do you sell our wine-related products?:
Do you ship products (mail-order)?:

If you are a homebrewer or winemaker, please forward this on to your local retailer. You can see the retailer listings on our web sites at and at Thanks very much.

Keith Lemcke
Danstar & Lalvin Yeast

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