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I recently converted the Amarillo Pale Ale recipe ( to be a 30 minute boil all DME recipe using ideas from these two posts: & .  The results came out well for the 1st iteration. It was fun to see the color come out as described in the 1st topic.  So a 'thank you' to those who offered advice in those topics!  On to my question.

If you brew DME/LME with 'ultra-short' boils (15 minute ?, 5 minute?, heat just enough to pasteurize?), how do you adjust the hop rates when converting from a recipe with a more typical hop schedule?

Apr 2018 edit. two links for IBU calculations: IBU Calculator - Diversity Methodology (FWH, Boil and Whirlpool bitterness): ; An Analysis of Sub-Boiling Hop Utilization:

Background: I'm planning to brew a number of small batches to try out new (to me) hops.  I've seen a couple of base recipes (from the early to mid-2010s) that are roughly 90% light DME & 10% Munich LME.  I've never had good results with LME, but recently, I have seen a couple of online HBS that had Munich DME.  So, back to the original question...

Has anyone tried the new (to me anyway) Munich DMEs that are available?  They typically appear to be 50% base malt and 50% Munich 10L.  Any experiences with how close the flavors match to either a partial mash (or an all grain BIAB)?

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