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Yes, but I don't modify the corney at all, just use the "in poppet" to dispense and wrap a coffee filter on the "out" which is now on top. Started doing it this way about ten years ago when I left a CO2 bottle at home during a party and then when sober realized later I had dispensed similar to a firkin. I also fill bags with sand to elevate the rear of the keg and prevent rolling and put it into position as early as possible to promote settling. Here is a recap -

I wanted to post this after reading the article on cask in Zymurgy as it claimed you shouldn't lay a corney on its side because the O-ring will leak - if it leaks it is worn out and should be replaced. Cask can be dispensed on its side through the "in" poppet with the "out" being used for a breather or to allow displacement with ambient air (I usually tape a coffee filter over it). In April we had 13 cask real ales brewed by 8 homebrewers dispensed in this way either by gravity or through five handpumps...and none leaked. I sent Zymurgy an email about it, but they never responded.

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