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NM / Aztec - 4 Corners Celtic Home Brew Club
« on: October 26, 2011, 04:05:32 PM »
National Learn to Home Brew Day Saturday November 5, 3pm 121s Main Aztec.
Join the 4 Corners Celtic Home Brew Club for an afternoon of brewing, BBQing, and beer sampling.
Now is your chance to learn how to brew as we will be demonstating brewing from extracts as well as all-grain brewing like the brewers do. Download Learn How to brew at:
Bring a side dish to share and some thing for yourself to BBQ.
Bring along some homebrew you would like to share. We have 15 homebrews on tap for you to sample.
$5 donation to join the Celtic Brewclub, free if you already are a member of any other brewclub.
We will be brewing a Cherrywood Smoked Dunkelweizen for the all-grain, not sure on the extract.

Contact us at for more info.

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