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In two short years the Toronto Beer Week homebrew contest has grown to become one of the biggest in Canada. We're proud of what TBW, together with the homebrew community, has accomplished over this short time.  We had over 250 entries in 2011. Contest winners partnered with professional brewers to make their beers available in top craft beer bars.  Last year's best of show winner had an awesome time this spring at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Diego!

We're looking ahead to our future. We've seen what local homebrewers are capable of, and we've seen a number of past entrants open commercially successful breweries in the past year. Our tradition of fair feedback from professionals who know beer is the standard we stick to. All judges have a firm background in beer, whether as brewers, bar owners of beer journalists. The best of show is judged by some of the best professional brewers in Canada.

This year we're back with a vengeance. We invite homebrewers of all levels to enter our third contest, with the chance of seeing their beer made with professional brewers and available across the GTA. Our contest is simple, but we have made a few changes this year.   The changes we made are ones that we think not only improve your chances, but will also help to grow and support the homebrew contest in the future and allow us to promote our fine hobby throughout the city.

First off, there's a $10 entry fee for registering and entering up to 4 beers.  There is an additional $10 fee for up to 4 more entries.  On a per entry basis, the fee is small.   Secondly, we're asking for a little more - a bottle more to be exact. The past two years have shown us that even the best homebrewers can have an off bottle or a gusher.  We don't want that to harm your chances. If this happens to you, we would like to be able to move on to that additional bottle to ensure your beer stays in the running.  That's why we are asking for 3 bottles, at a minimum. If you have a fourth bottle you can send us, all the better.  For the final round, where pro-am brewing opportunities are determined, the judges from the breweries would like to have a reserve bottle to help them determine which winning beer each brewery is interested in brewing.  Bottom line, the 4th bottle is optional insurance for you, but it is entirely up to you whether you wish to submit it for the contest.

We have heard from the homebrewer community and we have extended the entry deadline to 6pm on Saturday September 8th!  You'll all receive feedback and some of you will win prizes, which is even better.  For more information about the contest, including contest rules and prize details, check out the TBW Website: 

You can register for the contest at:

If you have any questions, you contact me:

Thanks and regards!
Craig Simons
Toronto Beer Week

Toronto Beer Week is holding it's second HomeBrew Competition in September.  The competition is open to Canadian homebrewers.  The competition is not BJCP sanctioned and operates under it's own relaxed rules. 

The prize lineup for winning beers is awesome and includes four opportunities to have your beer brewed by an Ontario craft brewery:

Spearhead Brewing Company, the official sponsor of the contest is offering the "Best of Show" prize that consists of an opportunity to be Spearhead's VIP guest at CBC in San Diego, including registration, transportation and accommodation.

The Amsterdam Brewing Company, brewer of last year’s best of show, Teichert Smoked Porter, is again offering to brew and release one of the winning beer categories with the winning brewer.

Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company is joining the contest this year and is offering to brew an organic version of one of the winning beer categories with the winning brewer at their brewery in Vankleek Hill, and release the beer.

The Granite Brewery released the winning Beer from the Southern Ontario Brewers “Plan it at the Granite” Contest during last year’s Toronto Beer Week. This year the Granite will be offering to brew one of the winning ale categories with the winning brewer. The brewer will have the opportunity to join Ron Keefe during the brew session as “Brewer for the Day” .

Great Lakes Brewery is offering the opportunity to brew one of the winning beer categories with the winning brewer their pilot system. Great Lakes will release the winning beer as part of their illustrious Project “X” series.

The deadline for entries is Friday September 9th.

More details are available on the Toronto Beer Week website:

Good luck!

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