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We are constantly making our meetings fun, entertaining, and educational. Here are somethings we do.

* We try to get local pro brewers come to our meetings. We have had about 10-12 head brewers come out. They discuss how they started, the brewery process, and things like that. We try to get a brewers beer on tap for the night so we can talk about that beer.
* Hold internal competitions. We hold 3-4 internal competitions a year. Our biggest is our Iron Brewer comp. We also work with the same local brewery's. They give us yeast or a base wort and we have a comp on what we can do with it.
* Have our own members discuss their brew days, equipment, stuff like that.
* Beer Reps. We find it easy to get local Beer reps to come to a meeting. We have about 50 people show up for our meetings. Beer reps love that.
* We have had a rep from White Labs and East Coast Yeast to give up Yeast presentations.
* Beer Trivia

Even with all this, we do hit lulls. It's tough keeping the club fresh and exciting. We are only 3 years old and are hitting these issues. I am sure the older clubs may hit these issues to a larger extent.

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