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Equipment and Software / Re: OK I really screwed up...
« on: April 21, 2012, 05:04:57 PM »
So in a colossal bout stupidity I left spent grain in my mash tun (coleman cooler) over the winter when i thought i cleaned it out. Opening it for the first time was the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed in my entire 42 years on this planet. The smell of death and decay and the sight of bugs and maggots was overwhelming to every one of my senses. I just can't describe it in words.

I cleaned it out and scrubbed it over and over and over again inbetween puking, then i scrubbed it some more with oxyclean, then soap, then again with oxyclean, then sanitized it with star-san and did the whole thing over again atleast 5 times over the course of a few days but the smell of death remains.

Is this a hopeless cause? Will anything get rid of that smell? I don't want any grain or wort to come close to touching this thing if I can't even get rid of the smell. I know i can boil the stainless steel parts (weldless valve, bulkhead and bazooka screen) but i can't seem to get rid of that smell in the cooler. It goes away after cleaning it then returns overnight.

Think i should just cut my losses, toss it and spend the $40 on a new cooler or do you think its salvagable somehow?

I feel like such a friggin idiot!@!#$
Spend the money which you have wasted in time and Buy a new Cooler  they are cheap

Equipment and Software / Re: Is this a poor shape for a mash tun?
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:21:46 PM »
This is the interior of a cooler I rarely use:

Wouldn't that hump cause a large patch a dead space that wouldn't get a lot of water rinsed through it?

It IS blue at least.  8)
I see no problem at all, just find a piece of stainless plate or food grade plastic (cutting board) to displace the dead space in the bottom, just set it in, if you want to really get trick put a chill plate in it instead to displace the area and set it up to recirculate hot water through the plate and you can use it as a RIMS unit.. I would say this would work pretty good if you used a false bottom in the mashtun.
also, if you use a manifold, try and just set the pipes on the bottom and use a piece of flex from the manifold inside and run it up and out the drain on the mashtun then down to the kettle which is usually lower than mash on these types of systems and gravity will take over..

Equipment and Software / Re: Boiling out a ball valve
« on: April 21, 2012, 03:05:48 PM »
after brewing I clean immediately with PBW and warm water, while recirculating the PBW through the system it is smart to open and close your ball valves slowly several times to flush out the valve, then I drain my grant, and replace it with Acid #5 mixture and jack the valves the same, after that, I drain the acid mixture and rinse with very hot water. you must take your valves off and open and close to drain the water from behind the ball and store at 1/4 turn on end so they will drain..

Impressive! Those Groen steam kettles are pricey. Very nice setup.
get this, I bought that kettle at a scrap yard with lid and that tri clover pump mounted to it for $250.00. it came out of a soup kitchen, I couldnt get the money out fast enough, it is also good for fermenting, hook glycol up and its a chiller.. take care

Very nice, but do you have to haul all of that stuff outside every time you brew? I don't think my back could take that.
actually I have a nice room for my hot side and cold side, I have a walk in cooler that the whole system fits in perfectly that I can brew and ferment in. it doesnt come out side very ofter.. too many bee's. after 1 back surgery I hear what your saying about packing vessels.. take care

I'm digging your big pump, kettle, and fermenters. Do you have a big fridge for those conical fermenters? How do you control the temperature?
Walk in Cooler is where the fermenter lives  ;D

Do you use steam for the mashtun, or is it insulated?

I actually pump hot water in it and use it as insulation, never had a problem dropping temp during mash

Brewing Walla Walla Style

This system is the result of keeping an eye out, and wanting to brew!
it is coupled with all tri clover fittings, tri clover pump, a groan 20 Steam kettle for my Mash.
pump connects to grant made from pony keg with sanitary fittings welded to grant.

when its time to knock down I just spin the fitting 180 and connect it to
the counter flow on the handle and pump it straight to my 27Gal fermenter
and what you dont see is the hot water on demand that gives me 180 degree water
off of propane.. no waiting to make hot water and you never run out during sparging.
Walk in cooler has just been added :)

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