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Equipment and Software / Re: Kegerator Thermostat Help (Adjustment Screw)
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:58:00 PM »
Thanks for the reply. I know the box might get tricky, will have to pull out the plyers. I wish i would be able to just pull off the top except there is another screw that there that doesnt screw in or out. It just adjusts another spring i think. Hopefully il be able to figure out a way without digging myself deeper into this mess.

Equipment and Software / Kegerator Thermostat Help (Adjustment Screw)
« on: January 09, 2013, 09:29:15 PM »
My buddy gave me a Nostalgia Electrics Kegerator since he is upgrading his setup. After plugging it in i found out that the temperature doesnt get the beer colder than 45'F. I decided to start adjusting the thermostat that was located in the back. I found the adjustment screw on the face of the thermostat and fiddled with it over the course of 4 days. I got it down to the point of freezing which is obviosuly to cold. As i went to adjust the screw again, it just fell out. Inside the thermostat you can see a spring hanging in there (screw orginally went through the middle tighting and loosing the spring). I tried real quick to screw it back in, but it seems like it cant reach the recieving end. Is there a way to get this screw back in, or am I fudged? I only spent like 5 minutes on it before i had to leave for work. Any advice would help.

ps. compressor, fridge everything still works as i believe the thermostat does too, just needs the screw again so i can adjus the temp

The Blichmann Beer Gun is the best bottle filler I've ever used.  I've got about 6 different counter-pressure ones, but they all have issues.  I don't use it often, but every time I pull it out, I'm amazed at how well it works.

Gordon, when use the beer gun do you find yourself carbing your beer a little higher to make up for any loss in carbonation when bottling? Or do find the beer gun to deliver relatively the same carbonation to the bottle?

Chill that beer down to near freezing. This will save you some carbonation loss. Are you using a counter-pressure filler? You shouldn't lose much if at all.

I have a buddies Blichmann Beer Gun that I am going to use

Kegging and Bottling / Bottling From Keg Carbonation/Temperature
« on: July 17, 2012, 07:02:08 PM »
So my question is in regards to temperature and carbonation and their role on bottled beer from a keg. So say if you bottle your beer from your keg at 45'F as an example. You you have purged the bottle of oxygen as well as the head space once the bottle is filled. Assuming that your beer is done fermenting, fully carbonated and had reached equilibrium in the keg, will your carbonation change as the temp of the beer in the bottle changes? What i am getting at is would the beer foam over if you opened say at 70'F leaving your beer slightly flat since i would think the beer could hold less co2. Maybe i am over thinking it but since i cannot control the temp in which people drink my beer at, the last thing i want is a foamy bottle of beer. If i open commercial beer warm, it doesn't foam over and is still carbonated. How does this work, someone please enlighten me. Thanks

P.S. I am new to kegging if you haven't noticed

So essentially it doesn't matter...

Does the front of y'alls freezer get warm when it's running?

Mine definitely gets warm

Is there a reason why you'd want your freezer on the coldest setting versus the warmest?

Not sure if this was for me but i have it on the warmest setting possible
Yes and no, it was sort of a general question.  Not intending to hijack the thread.

No worries, im actually curious about this as well

Is there a reason why you'd want your freezer on the coldest setting versus the warmest?

Not sure if this was for me but i have it on the warmest setting possible

My temp in San Diego is around 86'F and was about 78'F in the freezer before plugged in. Im just asking for some assumptions or personal experiences to help me in why when the freezer turns off at my setpoint temp but the temp still drops so dramatically after the freezer has been turned off. Probe location? Should i place a glass of water in the freezer and place the probe in it? The manufacuter is no help so im trying to get help from the community who has first hand expeience. This is prolly the one post i meed the most help in! Please! If it sounds like i am begging, its cause i am

Right now their is nothing in the freezer as i am testing it out before brewing this Friday. The freezer is 7.1 cubic feet. I plugged in the A419 when the freezer was off. Should i have connected it when freezer had already been cold, so the air would be relatively universal?

Hey guys i just received a Johnson Controls A419 Unit this past weekend from Amazon and today i plugged it in to my Haier Chest Freezer for the first time. I plugged in the following for the device

Setpoint: 63'F
Differential: 1
Anti-Short Cycle Delay: 1
Temp Offset: 0

I have the probe suspended in the middle of the freezer. The freezer itself is set to its lowest setting. The problem i am having is that when my control turns off the freezer at the 62-63'F mark it keeps dropping slowly all the way down to 51'F or so. I WANT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT this is soo frustrating. Please, can anyone help me out here, why is this happening? It should be only a degree or two off from my setpoint.

If what you are asking about is just inside the connection for the tank, that's a screen.  It is supposed to be there.

Is it suppose to be oriented in such a way that it covers he intire circumference of the inside? Right now it seems tilted and i can see past it

So I'm just now getting into kegging and began ordering my equipment. The first thing to come was my regulator that i purchased off of Amazon which is a Premium Pro Series Dual Gauge Co2 Draft Beer Regulator by the Beverage Factory. There is this gold piece within the connection to the CO2 that i am wondering about since I am not familiar with much of these components and want to make sure everything is tip top in case i need to send it back. The piece just seems to be sitting in their without being attached to anything, obviously my question is, is this normal and should i not be worried, should it be positioned in a certain way? I have none of the other equipment so i cannot really test it out.

Ingredients / Re: Victory Malt In Belgian Style Beers
« on: July 06, 2012, 03:05:35 AM »
Awesome, i will definitely try it out and see how it goes

Ingredients / Victory Malt In Belgian Style Beers
« on: July 06, 2012, 01:22:51 AM »
Would it be all that weird to put Victory Malt into a Belgian Golden or Tripel recipe? I know the biscuit/toasted like character might clash with Belgian yeast but has anyone even tried something along these lines? The only reason i ask, is that i have a recipe already milled waiting for brewing and happen to come across 2lbs of pale candi syrup and thinking off just combining the two. Recipe uses a belgian pilsner malt and 7% Crystal 10L and 6% Victory using WLP500 yeast

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