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Extract/Partial Mash Brewing / Re: IPA time
« on: December 13, 2012, 07:29:28 PM »
Awesome!  Thanks so much for all of the suggestions.

Two quick questions.

Sugar (table sugar) sub.  If I am using 8 lbs of dry much should I sub with sugar?

In regards to first wort hopping with extract.  Would I just steep the hops while I steep the crystal?  Or do I hop it until roughly 160 degrees? All I know about first wort hopping is done with all grain.  Sorry for the noob question. 

hmmmm...never used gypsum.  I will be using regular old tap water (it is actually really good based on the report), so I will do some research on gypsum and figure out how to utilize it in this recipe.


I just went through the same process as you...I read your other thread about your first batch and I had a similar experience with my first batch.  I also moved on to my next batch and it is based on the Pliny the Elder (IIPA) Extract recipe.  I ended up going with all light DME (9.5lbs) and 6oz of Crystal 40L as the steeping grain.  I put all of the Crystal in the muslin bag along with 2oz of Cascade pellets and steeped at ~160-168F for about 30 min.  Then once I got the wort up to boil I added 2oz of Magnum. 

I have very little experience and was unsure about this too so I asked the owners of my local homebrew supply and they suggested adding the mash hops to the steeping grain bag...even if they are pellets.  I'm currently on my last dry hop addition and will be bottling on Monday...but all I can say it tastes amazing so far!  Look forward to hearing how yours comes out!

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