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Wood/Casks / Re: What temp for secondary ferm / conditioning cask ale
« on: April 11, 2013, 05:13:26 PM »
For 68F and 5gal volume, I am planning 3oz of priming - which should get me 2.0 vol.  My only worry is not having enough healthy yeast if I wait the 2wks I would normally for primary.  Right now, I am 10 days in, have reach expected FG, and still have a healthy 1/2" of krausen on the top. 

Good time to rack and leave it for 10-14days?


Wood/Casks / What temp for secondary ferm / conditioning cask ale
« on: April 11, 2013, 01:20:47 PM »
I'm about to rack my first ale for cask.  I have a temp controlled freezer where it will be served from (also my primary ferm housing).  I've seen mixed advice on what temp to carbonate or condition the beer.  Looking for others experience.

After primary:
1. rack/prime and store at cellar temp (through secondary ferm, conditioning, venting, etc)
2. rack/prime store at yeast temp for a week or two, then cellar temp to vent/tap/serve

If (in #1) I go from 68F (primary ferm temp) to 55F, that is outside the range of my yeast.  Will "some" still stay alive enough to work my priming sugar (dextrose) or won't they all go to sleep? 

Seems like in the real world, shipping/distribution would inevitably create 5-7 day lag time before reaching the beer time to secondary ferm at "room temp".  Should I let the cask sit in my freezer at 68F temp for a week or so, let the yeast continue to work, then "cellar" the beer for conditioning at 55F?


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