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Beer Travel / Germany spoiled me
« on: April 23, 2013, 05:15:59 AM »
I spent 11 months in Vilsek and Sweinfurt. Did a little traveling around also. I found the crystal weizen (sp?) pronounced "vissen" to be the best in flavor, with a smooth finish. Every little town has their own little brewery, and so their own recipes.
I tried some "Hefe" beer's, as normally I enjoy a dark beer, but those were too bitter for my tastes.
The coolest thing, was you could leave a 20mark bill in an envelope taped to your door, and when you got home, a rack of beer would be there. As I recall, there were 20 bottles, and each bottle was 20oz. If I drank more than 1 and a half, I was headed for a hangover the next morning!
Some of the locals would ask for a half&half, which was half Hefe, and half cocacola! I never tried that one.
One other thing that I found hilarious was, you could go to a McDonalds and get a McBeer to go! I didnt try that either.

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