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Thanks so much for the response and info!  It started bubbling a few hours after I first posted, I could tell due to the bubbles it made at the end of the blowoff tube in to the sanitizer bucket, it's been going quite steady since.  I'm going to keep it cool for the primary, to try to aleviate any underpitch problems.  So, will there truly not be too many real issues due to underpitching, or just ones that I won't be able to tell the difference with?  Next time, I'll use a starter.  I've seen the frustration folks on this site have with home brew shops not communicating pitch rate, wonder why they don't sell you two vials of yeast with a kit at a minimum?

Thanks again,

Hi- Just brewed my first beer yesterday- Altbier using WLP036 yeast- no starter, it's been approx 14 hours since I pitched the yeast and that was at 66 degrees, the beer has been right around 68 degrees since then.  After pitching, I found the yeast calculator and it looks like I should use 1.8 vials of yeast for my starting gravity (1.051) and I only used one.
I have a few questions:
 1. After reading up on underpitching, I'm wondering if I should get another vial and pitch it also?
 2. If so, is there a particular method to use for this, or just open the bucket, add yeast, stir? 
 3. I don't know if I have any activity yet, I don't hear any bubbling, but am using a blow off tube, rather than just the airlock, so am also wondering how I tell- do I just wait, or do folks routinely take the lid off and look?
 4. Last- I also realized  (after more reading) that I have a lot of trub left in my beer, I see that this can both help and hurt my beer, I'm trying to keep it cool to offset any nasty taste, but is there anything I can do now aside from this to minimize eventual bad taste?

Thanks very much in advance, I need the help,

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