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Extract/Partial Mash Brewing / Re: Extract brewing logistics question
« on: June 03, 2013, 01:33:14 AM »
I think these questions pertain to all brewers, not just extract brewers.  My sanitation process is just about the exact same as an all grain brewer as it was when I was doing extract.  I don't see anything wrong with your process, especially if its working for you.

I mix up Star San in a bucket and usually only mix up 2.5 gallons just after the boil has started.  As mentioned above, I then pour about a gallon in a carboy, shake it up and lay it on its side.  Every 10 minutes or so, I'll rotate the carboy to ensure the entire inside surface gets a few minutes of contact w/ Star San.  When I'm ready for the carboy, I pour the sanitizer back into the bucket through my strainer to sanitize the strainer. 

Also, get a spray bottle and put some sanitizing solution in there.  This can come in very handy for many uses.

I can't remember who it was on this board, but I went to Home Depot and picked up a dry wall mud tray.  This tray is perfect to keep utensils in sanitizer while you work.

I found that wall paper troughs work great for sanitizing purposes of my auto siphon, tubing and aerator (long stir rod).  You don't need as much StarSan since they are long and narrow.  I found mine at a Duron paint store for $3.  They're designed to be disposable but will last a while if treated with care.

Use the 5 gallon carboy for your secondary fermentation purposes.  You don't want much head space when you're clearing/conditioning batches that flocculate slowly, so the smaller carboy works well for this.

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