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Thanks guys! Haha isn't brewing kind of a "rustic" science after all? Or maybe that's just what I tell myself when the results taste a little funky and I can't figure out what went wrong. If a beer comes out well, of course it's always some combination of impeccable planning, and you know, pure luck.  :P

Hi all! I'm not sure if these are "pimp" enough to qualify for this category, but I wanted to share my efforts to try and design a cool beginner's homebrew kit for people living in small apartments, etc.

They'll brew anywhere from 1-3 gallons, and they're handmade entirely from reclaimed wood. Designed to fit on a kitchen counter and look half-decent doing it!

Sorry for how horribly corny these photos look. I promise those errant hops and grains were not harmed in the making of this post, and were put to good use shortly thereafter :)

Interested to hear everyone's thoughts! Thanks, and cheers!


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