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Kegging and Bottling / Re: How often do you clean your keg faucets?
« on: January 18, 2018, 04:01:42 PM »
 Yep, guess I’m going to go back to cleaning the taps way more often.

 So you think the pH might’ve been the reason for the less than stellar taste? I sent a beer sample to Dana at Oregon labs and the pH of the final beer was 4.39. Not sure what final pH ranges are supposed to be.

 I thought my mash pH was too off as well even though I thought I did everything right in the program. But it was my first time. I started a thread about it below for anyone who wants more detail and is willing to help. I might just go back to using the Spring water.

For the last decade I have been brewing with arrowhead Springwater without adding any minerals etc. Not really checking PH except with little strips making sure I’m somewhere between five and six and doing no adjustments.
With this process I’ve been pretty happy with my brews without any noticeable problems.  But I finally decided to embark on water chemistry and got Martin’s program and started playing around.   I decided to start with distilled water and build up from there.  I brewed my IPA that I have brewed many times trying the following:

Water adjustment:  Set to distilled water at dilution 100%. I used yellow dry profile and got close with overall finished profile of:
calcium=52, magnesium=9, sodium=5, Sulfate=102, chloride=50, bicarbonate=NA, PH was supposed to be 5.41 but ended up being 5.73.

The beer turned out fine/good, but there’s something missing. Can’t put my finger on it. Kind of blah compared to the many times I’ve brewed it before. My wife and good friend who have had this beer before agree.

So I decided to send a sample of arrowhead Springwater to ward labs and get the results which are as follows.
Ca=56, Mg=9, Na=11, Sulfate=5, Cl=2, HCO3=200, Ph=8.3

This just doesn’t make sense to me.  Seems like the arrowhead brew should be more blunted/blah by looking at the numbers......
Any ideas/comments?

Kegging and Bottling / How often do you clean your keg faucets?
« on: January 18, 2018, 06:45:58 AM »
I clean my keg lines in between every new keg. I used to take off my tap faucets (Perlick) as well and clean them in between each Keg, however I stopped doing that maybe five or six kegs ago and just run the cleaning solution that I’m cleaning the lines with through them.
Well yesterday after pouring in pint, I closed the tap and it started leaking and would not shut off completely. I quickly opened the refrigerator and popped off the Out-port.  After removing all of my faucet and taking them apart, they were all pretty gummy. Ended up taking them all apart and soaking them for 24 hours in beer line cleaner and scrubbing them. Guess I’ll go back to cleaning them more often.
— How often do you all clean yours.

All Grain Brewing / Re: El Dorado Pairings?
« on: December 18, 2017, 05:33:15 AM »
My house IPA is equal parts el dorado and centennial, and a little less of columbus.  Grain bill is close to dry pliney.   I love the hop combo.

 I have two different taps on my keg for CO2 with the exact same keg type, line length, and tap handles. The same regulator goes to both tap lines and I have it set as 11 psi. My IPAs are always less carbonated than my other tap which is usually light easy drinking beers. Does it have to do with alcohol, hops, or something else?

 I actually didn’t think about the yeast.  I’ve used 007 in IPAs and stouts/porters but not a clean beer like this. Could’ve been that I guess but it tastes more like a malt flavor. I fermented it at 65. As far as oxidation I would be surprised if it’s that. I push all of my beer with CO2 and keg it in a keg that I purge starSan out with CO2 in so my beer never touches any oxygen. Anyway the taste is not unpleasant, just trying to figure out for further recipes.  My wife and her friends absolutely love it.

I recently brewed the below recipe. I don’t have any experience with Vienna malt but the beer has a slightly sweet finish both me and my wife thinks takes slightly like cherry. Not an off flavor I don’t think and it’s a great beer.  The only thing that I can think of is it might be the Vienna malt? Anyone have any input?

Bitterness: 20.1 IBUs   Boil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.052
Est FG: 1.009
ABV: 5.6%


7 lbs 14.61 oz   Vienna Malt
3 lbs 6.26 oz   Pilsner (2 Row)
0.50 oz           Perle [8.0%] - Boil 60 min
0.51 oz           Tettnang [4.5%] - Boil 45 min
1.00                Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15 min)
1.00 tsp           Yeast Nutrient (Boil 15 min)
0.50 oz           Tettnang [4.5%] - Boil 0 min
Starter.             Dry English Ale (White Labs #WLP007)

Mash 60 min @ 152

Equipment and Software / Re: CIP setup burned out motor?
« on: November 20, 2017, 03:39:49 PM »
 Just an update, just use my CIP ball for my fermenter for the first time post fermentation.   

It worked fantastic. Clean shining stainless steel when I was done without any residue.   

For those interested, here was the set up. 1/2 inch braided silicone tubing to the CIP. 1 inch silicone tubing from the dump valve back into the bucket. 3/4 inch silicone tubing from the sampling port back to the bucket.   I used a 1/4 sump pump in a small bucket. 
I First dump the remaining yeast.   Then I ran hot tap water from the bucket through the CIP back into the bucket for about 15 minutes.  I dump this and ran hot PBW  for about 15 minutes, dumped it and repeated it for another 15 minutes. Then I ran a couple hot water rinses.  Well doing this I cleaned all of the small parts and had a beer and was able to do a lot of other things. Saved a lot of time. When I was done I opened up the fermenter and it was perfectly shiny stainless steel. I checked around with a clean paper towel to see if there is any residual yeast or residue in there was absolutely none.  Infinitely better than my old way of cleaning.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Cryo Hops, more varieties?
« on: November 19, 2017, 07:56:14 PM »
 I’m excited to use the cryo- hops for taste but also hopefully will lose less volume in a big long whirlpool or big dry hop.

General Homebrew Discussion / Cryo Hops, more varieties?
« on: November 18, 2017, 07:43:52 PM »
 Anyone out there who has links to some of the hop growers know if more varieties of cryo- hops are coming on the market soon? Denny? Just wondering. Very interested in trying these for whirlpool and dry hopping but would really like if some other varieties were available.   I’m willing to wait a while, but if none are coming anytime soon I’m just going to write some new recipes with what’s available.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Black IPA, Citra and Mosaic?
« on: November 16, 2017, 07:15:29 PM »
 When I started thinking about making a black IPA, I also thought herbal or Piney would taste best. But after I found out that wookiee Jack was citra and Amarillo, I was surprised because I didn’t taste that in it but it tasted great. The dark malt I guess definitely changes the flavors.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Black IPA/CDA on nitro?
« on: November 12, 2017, 04:32:03 AM »
Probably more of the latter. Actually not even dry hopping, which I know is blasphemy, but just putting alot into a  Whirlpool.  Here is the recipe.   I took a Wookie Jack clone and changed it someone.

Batch Size: 6.33 gal   
Style: Black IPA (21B)
Boil Size: 8.50 gal
Color: 33.4 SRM   
Bitterness: 55.9 IBUs   
Boil Time: 60 min
Est OG: 1.066
Est FG: 1.012 SG
ABV: 7.1%

12 lbs 13oz   Pale Malt (2 Row) US
1 lbs 9.20 oz   Rye Malt
8oz                   Cara-Rye
8oz                   Carafa III
8oz                   Midnight wheat
1 lbs                   Rice Hulls
0.40 oz   Magnum [14.0%] - Boil 60 min
1.00 oz   Citra [12.0%] - Boil 20 min
1.00 oz   Centennial [10.0%] - Boil 20 min
1.00        Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15 min)
1.00 tsp   Yeast Nutrient (Boil 15 min)
1.00 mg   Chiller (Boil 10 min)
0.50 oz   Centennial [10.0%] - Boil 7 min
Starter.   Dry English Ale (White Labs #WLP007)

Whirlpool for 30 min at 175deg: 3.75oz citra 3.25oz centennial Mash for 60 min at 150

General Homebrew Discussion / Black IPA/CDA on nitro?
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:11:13 AM »
Just wanted some opinions on if anyone has done this and if it worked out well. I’m Making a black IPA soon and thought I put it on my nitro tap. If the taste doesn’t work out I can just put it on CO2 but wanted to give a try. Has anyone done this?

Equipment and Software / Cleaning my pump, mold.
« on: November 11, 2017, 09:13:51 PM »
 For those of you who don’t take apart your brewpump and clean it post brew, you may want to reconsider.   Since  purchasing the pump (which incidentally is one of the best buys I’ve made for my brewhouse),  i’ve always taken the head off and cleaned the impeller and parts, let them air dry before putting it back together every time.   This last brew about a month ago, I just ran PBW cleaning solution through it for a while and then put it away without taking it apart because I was buying a new impeller and knew I would take it apart soon anyway.  Well today I just took it apart to put the new impeller on, and there was a bunch of mold growing on the inside.  I wouldn’t have had any idea if I hadn’t taken it apart. Probably would’ve been OK running boiling work through it the last 10 minutes of the boil but I still wouldn’t want that stuff in my beer. Just FYI.

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