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Following up on this.

Thank you all for those replies.

I decided to go with what dcbc said and piece it together.  That reply made me think a little more about exactly what I was trying to achieve.

I decided I wanted to build a constantly recirculating direct-fired-mash system and I thought the idea of aluminum clad kettles fit that method better than keg-kettles would, so I ended up with morebeer 15 gallon kettles, 2 blich burners, 2 pumps, therminator, 2 ss brewbucket 6.9 (I think) gal fermenters, some temp controllers and (finally) a fridge, blich beergun and couple kegs. I waited forever and got the absolute best price on everything.

Next on the list is the tower of power and I should be squared aware for a while..maybe a more suitable grain mill (you know, that Corona thing they sell will try to kill you before you get through 20lbs of grain).

My only regret is my kettle choice. If you're going this route, and you buy 15 gallon kettles you're kind of stuck at 10 gallon batches (thermometer probe is barely wet with an even 5 gallons in the kettle - and without a pickup tube there's about 1.5 gallons of deadspace at the bottom).  In fact, sizing them all the same was a mistake, I believe. 

After having worked through a few batches now I think that a good 10 gallon set up would be HLT & BKs of 15 gallons and a MT of 20 gallons (I am looking at some kind of double IPA next and I'm not sure about 40lbs of grain in a 15 gallon MT with over 12 gallons of water in there....I don't think that is going to fit). For a 5 gallon setup (which is what I wish I had gone with, due to batch cost....double IPA over $100!), I'd go with 10 gallon BK and HLT and 15 gallon MT.

In any case, having jumped into AG without any brewing experience, you can imagine what fun I've been having:

My system is complete!  ;D
Oah, wait, I have to put that stuff together.  :D
I can do it!  ;)

Yep, 170, that's what it said.  :)
Mash temp.....seems pretty dang high..  :-\
Maybe I can stir it to reduce the temp?  ???
Maybe I shouldn't have stirred it so much..  :-[

OK. Dont' worry about that..get it in the BK...  >:(

Have your 6th Lagunitas IPA...  :P

Tell your wife it will be done soon...  :-*

OK, have another, but don't let it boil over...  :o
Clean up that boil over...  :'(

Ferment, maybe it'll be fine.  :-X

Wow, you can really screw up a batch and still come out +/- .... 8)

Thanks again.


I'm going to buy a new system.

The Sabco systems are awesome and I'm looking at the "Craft Brewer RIMS" ( 

There is also a comparable Pico system in 15 gal (

The obvious difference is that the Sabco costs $2,600 and the Pico costs $1,900.

Aside from price, I'm having a hard time "seeing" the differences.  From what I can tell the Pico uses copper valves whereas the Sabco uses all SS.

The extra $700 could buy me a nice fermentation setup, but is it worth the trade off going from SS to copper?  Any other differences I'm missing?

Thank you so much for your input. I really appreciate it.

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