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The Pub / Re: Old Sayings - Cryptic Quotes
« on: February 27, 2010, 09:22:42 PM »
My mother's favorite: "Wish in one hand and sh!t in the other and see which one fills up first."

The Pub / Re: BeerCloud App
« on: January 29, 2010, 07:24:05 AM »
I have an iPhone and several apps that can read barcodes just fine. In fact it reads them quicker than a lot of laser devices. So, it's just a limitation in BeerCloud on the iPhone. Since it's been implemented in the Droid, I'm sure there is an update to the app for iPhone coming at some point. The program has a few other limitations, but I use it, and -- as previously noted -- it is free. I would gladly pay for a full-featured, up-to-date version.

The Pub / Re: I HATE dentists.
« on: January 29, 2010, 07:06:34 AM »
Do you think it was hereditary in your case.

Probably. While my mother died with perfect teeth -- never even a cavity -- my dad had bad teeth and gum disease. But I think there was more to it. I can remember -- even at a very young age -- having some "new" procedure done on my gums, so it started early and may have been a side affect of a childhood disease. I had a few that have caused other problems. I grew up in Detroit, and we had Fluoridated water. I brushed and flossed and used a water pick, but nothing seemed to help. Dentures -- like everything else -- have gone high-tech, and they really are a godsend for someone like me. Without them I would have to live on beer. Hmm, ...

The Pub / Re: I HATE dentists.
« on: January 27, 2010, 03:28:11 AM »
I was gonna say - I don't like going to the dentist - but it sure beats a mouth full of false teeth!
It depends on your situation. My teeth (gums, actually) had deteriorated so badly that there was only one place in my mouth where I could chew -- along with constant pain. I had gum disease all my life and brushing my teeth only made it worse. So, in one sitting, I had 22 remaining teeth removed, and replaced with full dentures. My gum disease is history. I can eat anything in any place in my mouth. The yellow teeth I used to expose when smiling are now perfect, white, natural looking teeth. In retrospect, it was the best thing I ever did. Plus, my general health from ridding my body of all that infection has increased amazingly – gum disease promotes heart disease. OK – would I rather have a mouth full of my own healthy teeth – of course I would, but the option I chose in my circumstances literally changed my life for the better.

All Things Food / Re: Comfort Food
« on: December 01, 2009, 09:22:08 AM »
Huevos Rancheros for me. My mom would fry up some eggs. Sunny side up or over easy. place them on some lightly pan fried maiz (Corn) tortillas, and smother the whole lot with warmed salsa. I am fighting myself right now. I could just whip up a batch right now.
My absolute favorite. Thanks. Now I may have to go make some, too. I usually melt a little cheese on the eggs before I take them out of the pan. Any time I am in the Southwest, I have this for breakfast every day. There are endless variations.

All Things Food / Re: Non stick pans
« on: December 01, 2009, 08:58:57 AM »
OK – time for my two cents.

All my pans are Calphalon – the hard-anodized ones. I can’t use anything with a non-stick coating because I have birds, and just one slip where you overheat the pan (and who hasn’t), and the birds are dead. It also causes liver damage in humans, but not to the point where you die from it. The government used to publish the dangers of non-stick, but the lobby got it quashed. With some care and the correct temperature, the hard-anodized ones work just as well. My wife likes egg white omelets, and that’s a real test for any pan.

I used to use cast iron, and they work really well when seasoned, but I find that the coating comes off when you cook something with tomatoes in it. Once I discovered Calphalon, I just kept on buying it. Of course I lost a bunch of my cast iron when my lame California surfer roommate put them in the dishwasher because, as he said, “They were really dirty, man.”  I calmly pointed out that it wasn’t “dirt”, but about 10 years of careful seasoning. They were of course solid rust, and I just threw them all in the dumpster.

The Pub / Re: Been scarce, wife has cancer
« on: December 01, 2009, 07:58:19 AM »
Really sorry to hear this Tim. At least she's getting the best treatment. Hang in there.


The Pub / Re: favorite bourbons
« on: November 30, 2009, 03:04:05 AM »
I like EC but I would hesitate it to call it "head and shoulder's" above anything you have ever had. Unless you just haven't had much.  :P
I should have qualified that as "for me".  I actually have tasted a lot of bourbons, but -- for me -- there is something hugely special about EC. I'm no expert, and can't quantify difference in terms of ingredients, or process, but there is no denying my personal preference for it, even in many side-by-side comparisons with other top-of-the-line bourbons. Maybe it just sparks up a reaction in my genes, my grandfather (the real Chauncey) having hailed from the heart of bourbon country. There are a lot of fine products out there, and one of the joys of bourbon is sampling all the variations. I definitely encourage everyone to diligently pursue their own personal favorite. It's a hell of a ride.

The Pub / Re: The Martini Thread
« on: November 29, 2009, 09:19:33 PM »
I can remember “sniffing” my parents liquor collection, and the smell of Gin made me sick to my stomach. I think it was because the family female boozers always reeked of it when they bent over to kiss me hello or goodbye with their heavily lipsticked mouths. GROSS. About 20 years later, I decided to “get over it”. I went out for lunch and proceeded to get completely sloshed on martinis – I stopped counting around 10. Someone drive me home. Later I was sicker than I have ever been, and could not even think about eating a green olive for about the next decade, let alone think about gin. Juniper berries are somewhat poisonous, BTW.

So, I like my martinis made with vodka. And I like them dirty (I guess I got over the olive thing).

3 oz Pinnacle or Grey Goose vodka
half oz of light vermouth
1 teaspoon of the olive juice
stirred , not shaken, with ice cubes (not crushed)
served in a chilled glass with 3 wet Spanish olives

The Pub / Re: Hey Guitar Players...
« on: November 29, 2009, 08:58:42 PM »
Damn, I'll have to get some pics of my stuff, although it's not that impressive.  I'll have to get it all collected in one's spread out between the studio and home now.  Although my love at this point is my ukulele!

Denny, which uke do you play -- soprano, concert, or other?

The one closest to the BONG

The Pub / Re: Lets get to know each other!
« on: November 29, 2009, 07:27:42 PM »
I rest my case.

The Pub / Re: Lets get to know each other!
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:03:22 PM »
They didn't have computer software in 1960!!!!

    Cool book BTW!!!  :D
Yes they did. I wrote my first program in 1956 on the Burroughs E-101. Glad you like the book.

The Pub / Re: favorite bourbons
« on: November 29, 2009, 06:01:33 PM »
I just recently discovered Elijah Craig and was shocked to find that it could be so head and shoulders above anything else I have ever had. I sip my bourbon at room temperature, so that may be a factor. But, its my current personal favorite bourbon.

The Pub / Re: SWMBO
« on: November 29, 2009, 05:52:31 PM »
I think SWMBO is more indicative of the attitude and behavior of the female than any wussy behavior of the male. They believe it, we  just let them have that fantasy and joke about it with that particular acronym. Of course, the tools of punishment for non-compliance diminish over time, so as an old fart, my view may be tainted. ;)

The Pub / Re: Hey Guitar Players...
« on: November 29, 2009, 05:42:37 PM »
Damn, I'll have to get some pics of my stuff, although it's not that impressive.  I'll have to get it all collected in one's spread out between the studio and home now.  Although my love at this point is my ukulele!

Denny, which uke do you play -- soprano, concert, or other?

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