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The AHA Club-Only Competition “Hail to Hefeweizen” was hosted by the Foam Blowers of Indiana (FBI) in Indianapolis, IN on December 3, 2011.

Of the 60 entries from 29 States, the following winners were chosen.

First Place – Mark Beatty of Lincoln, NE representing the Lincoln Lagers, with a 15c Weizenbock, “Smarter But Not Weizer”

Second Place – Aaron Fournier of Montgomeryville, PA representing the Keystone Hops, with a 15b Dunkleweizen, “I Don’t Always Drink Weizen, But When I Do, It’s This Dunkel”

Third Place – Josh Jensen of Los Angeles, CA representing the Yeastside Brewers, with a 15a Weizen/Weissbier “Hubris Hefeweizen”

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