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Pimp My System / Re: My home bar build
« on: July 01, 2012, 08:20:04 PM »
Thank you everyone!

I have tried growing hops twice now, but they really don't like the 110 deg, dry summers here in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm not giving up though!

I wish I had room in there for the dart board. For now, it hangs on my back porch. I don't care for holes so much back there.

Pimp My System / My home bar build
« on: June 27, 2012, 10:03:49 PM »
Hello. My name is Matt, and I built a bar in my back yard. I have gotten some pretty nice compliments from people in the past, so i figured I would post it up in here and see what you all think. Feel free to ask me any questions and steal ideas. I love this forum and already have 3 little projects I want to build. Here's a little background story. I moved into my house back in July of 2005, and one thing that appealed to me was this 12'x24' air-conditioned, powered, shed, completed with fans and a roll up door. There was a work out station in it, but I got rid of that, and decided to add on 6 feet to make it 18'x24'. I brought over more power, bigger AC unit (15k BTU heat pump), raised the ceiling, complete with Pine T&G and open beams. I put in wood flooring, pool table, bottle shelf that crowns the room, stereo cabinet, 32" TV, and bar. The bar has a foot print of 11'x8' including the back bar. I have a 15cuft keezer and currently 4 taps in a faucet house. I have a sink with hot water, an under-cabinet fridge and freezer, 20lb CO2 tank and 10lb beer gas tank. I recently added more bar stools for a total of 9, and a fold down table.

Here are some pics of the build up:


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