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WI / Manitowoc/Sheboygan area
« on: September 27, 2010, 07:23:47 PM »
Lakeshore Technical College 
In Celebration of National Learn to Homebrew Day

Experience everything you need to know, from start to finish, to make great beer at home!

Intro to Home Brewing  (Must be 21 or older to attend)  
Trevor LaRene, LTC Nursing Instructor, BJCP Certified Beer Judge and Homebrewer
Paul Hoffmann, LTC IT Instructor, Homebrewer
Date:     November 6, 2010 (Saturday)  
Time:     8:00 am - Noon  
Class #:  67791
Fee:       $49
Room:    F109, Flexible Training Arena (Far west building on campus)

Making great beer at home takes very little cash, some time, and not much space. You will use your kitchen for several hours; you will also have some cleanup to do. There will be a fascinating week or so of fermentation, as the yeast goes through its life cycle; then another week or so of bottle-conditioning time. You will then have the opportunity to serve the Finest Beer in the World to your friends and family.  
Sign up for what promises to be an informative, entertaining, and hands-on program to start you on your way to becoming a home craft brewer! This seminar will give the participant the full experience, from start to finish, of making great beer at home.
Course includes:
Discussion of basic ingredients
Importance of sanitation
Hands-on activities:
    - wort production
    - hop additions
    - wort chilling
    - yeast addition
    - bottling
Proper storage
Potential styles to be brewed include ambers, porters, stouts, pale ales and more!
Products from a local homebrew supplier will be available during and after class.

To REGISTER: Call 1.888.GO TO LTC (1.888.468.6582) ext. 1366 to register with credit card; click on "Register Now" link above right with company bill information or to download a paper form.
For more information, contact Ruth at 1.920.693.1167, or

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