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Extract/Partial Mash Brewing / Re: High original gravity reading
« on: February 11, 2018, 09:48:23 PM »
The recipe called for a three gallon partial boil, and with water (around 2 gallons) being added at the end of the boil to get to five gallons.  Based on the OG reading, it appears that all the extract is there. 

Did you take the OG reading before adding water to get to five gallons?

3 lb DME * 42 PPG => 126 gravity points
4 lb LME * 36 PPG => 140 gravity points

266 gravity points / 5 gallons => ~ 53 OG

266 gravity points / 100 OG => ~ 2 2/3 gallons water

Equipment and Software / Re: Improved Refractometer Correction calculator
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:17:12 AM »
You guys think dme will dissolve in room temp water? I might break out my stir plate for this project

While I've never tried dissolving DME in cold water, this
suggests your approach will work. 

Extract/Partial Mash Brewing / Re: Adding half of extract as flameout?
« on: February 02, 2018, 12:33:24 AM »
For many things related to extract brewing, Beer And Wine Journal  ( can be a good resource.  This article ( should be a good place to start on the topic of late extract additions and has links to related articles. 

Here are a couple of links regarding color with extract malt
I suspect that shorter boils will help some with color.  My DME-based recipes are 30 minute boils & I get color that's appropriate for the style.   

There are three articles in the series and this may be the good starting point: .   

When it first came out on HBT, I found it an interesting read from two perspectives: 1st, what could one do with a pressure cooker, and 2) what would the vocal reaction be to the article.  I'll admit that, at the time, the process was too non-traditional for me. 

Hop teas are another example where people taste things differently.  I tried them once and I'm mostly neutral towards them.  I don't use them as they don't offer me any time savings in my brewing processes.

...  BTW, the 3rd link you mentioned was a dead link.

Fixed (and thanks for letting me know). 

Going back to your original post, if you're looking at continuing with extract-based brewing for a while, you may want to get a copy of the 4th edition of How To Brew.  There is a lot of good information on the 'hows' and 'whys' of partial boils and late extract addition.  Chris Colby also writes about late extraction additions here: and in his new (Dec 2017) book.

If you are thinking of experimenting with SRM in those extract batches, here are a couple of links that may be helpful:

edit: fixed broken 3rd link.

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: January 16, 2018, 09:34:37 PM »
Morning Train - Sheena Easton

All Grain Brewing / Re: BIAB
« on: January 05, 2018, 10:50:51 PM »
So I guess it's not an intermediate step for me... or I'm just regressing.

For me BIAB is another technique that I can use to brew.  I've got some extract based recipes that I enjoy & some BIAB recipes (that I can't do with extract) that I enjoy.  Eventually, I may will find some styles/recipes require a traditional mash, so I'll learn that skill as well. 

I have a couple of small batches (I brew in the < 3 gal range) that I brew that the start of each year.  I find it's a fun way to look back and forward in how I brew.  After that, I'll probably focus the "experimental" batches on a couple of strains of dry yeast (other than US-05 and S-04). 

You guys put way too much work into brewing, I'm down to 2 gallon 20 min boils - all DME w/ hopshots, fill with cold tap water, sprinkle in W34/70 and into the basement. Takes maybe an hour - tops, have to wait for it to boil ya know but maybe not even...  Award winning beer!  Seriously, try it! ;)
I find it's good to have a couple of recipes that "quick and quaffable"tm, especially for those periods when one to many batches don't go well.  Didn't make the connection between hopshots and shorter DME boils until now.

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: December 21, 2017, 09:43:12 PM »
Can You Read My Mind? - Maureen McGovern

Homebrew Competitions / Re: Correct entry category
« on: December 13, 2017, 12:16:28 AM »
Do the rules permit entering the beer in each category?

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: FG questions
« on: December 03, 2017, 06:20:02 PM »
So given this

It is a Brewers Best Russian Imperial Stout.
Yes, we pitched the yeast at 78 degrees.
Yeast was Sarfale S-04.
OG was 1.070
FG is 1.030 using a hydrometer.

I would agree that a fast ferment test (this)

I am worried about bottle bombs. I really think you should sacrifice a bottle and do a fast ferment test to make sure it's done, taking into account priming sugar. If there is a significant drop in gravity and the yeast was only dormant and not dead you could have a dangerous problem.

seems to be reasonable advice.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: FG questions
« on: December 03, 2017, 01:22:43 PM »
It is a Brewers Best Russian Imperial Stout.
Yes, we pitched the yeast at 78 degrees.
Yeast was Sarfale S-04.
OG was 1.070
FG is 1.030 using a hydrometer.
Are these the kit instructions: ?

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: FG questions
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:02:55 PM »
So, help me understand what happened?
Why didn’t we reach our goals?

If the current topic is a follow-up to this, then the concerns about incomplete fermentation and possible bottle bombs would be worth investigating.

Doing this

Need the complete recipe including mash temp and time, and yeast strain and starter details, and the OG.

will definitely help answer your questions.

The Pub / Re: song title game
« on: November 20, 2017, 11:52:09 PM »
Can't Get You Out of My Head - Kylie Minogue

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