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Our club is holding our Big Brew on Saturday.  We're brewing a wheat wine to be aged in a red wine barrel.  Hopefully we'll be serving some next year at the NHC in Philly.

Brewing a Bohemian pilsner; question is decoction or single infusion.

I bought a case of this a couple of months ago and it was tasty as usual.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Big Brew
« on: April 25, 2012, 12:55:07 PM »
Our club had to postpone Big Brew until the 12th where we'll be brewing a wheat wine to age in a red wine barrel.  On Cinco de Mayo I'll be brewing a Bohemian pilsner.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Storing keg-bottled beers
« on: April 20, 2012, 07:50:31 PM »
I frequently bottle off kegs using a beer gun and never had any issues with storing them for 1-2 years.  My basement also swings from 55 in winter to 70 in summer.  It's not ideal storage temps, but I haven't noticed any off flavors due to age. 

A group of us are gettng together to brew, I'll be brewing an Am. IPA.

No brewing this weekend...I'm helping run a BJCP tasting exam on Saturday and painting on Sunday :(

Wood/Casks / Re: beer style for red wine barrels
« on: April 05, 2012, 03:31:22 PM »
I am surprised no one has mentioned a Flanders red?  Napoleon did call it the 'Burgandy of Belgium,' afterall.  That is what our local club did with a fresh red wine barrel a few years back and the results were fantastic!


This or something along this style.  I think Red wine character blends nicely with the subtleties of Lambic or Flemish style ales.

I completely agree, we were planning a flanders red or lambic for the second use.

The Pub / Re: regional Sayings
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:42:02 PM »
One phrase that confused the hell out of me when I moved to PA was when waiters/waitresses ask if you would like somehting to drink they usually say, "Can I get you something to drink a while".

Wood/Casks / Re: beer style for red wine barrels
« on: April 05, 2012, 01:10:05 PM »
Thanks for the ideas guys.  These will be fresh red wine barrels, having done only bourbon barrels in the past we were'nt sure how much wine character we would get out of the barrles and how that flavor would work with a english barleywine or old ale (2 styles we considered). 

Wood/Casks / beer style for red wine barrels
« on: April 04, 2012, 07:58:09 PM »
For this year's Big Brew our club will be brewing up something to age in a red wine barrel.  We brewed a dubbel last year and a quad a few years before that, so we don't really want to do another belgian ale.  I'm just looking for ideas of what styles would go well in a red wine barrel....thoughts?

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Best practice for WY3711?
« on: April 04, 2012, 01:32:21 PM »
3711 is my go-to saison yeast.  I pitch in the low 60s and keep it there for a couple of days and then let the beer climb to 70.

Congratulations Ron, Debbie, and Denny!

They are judging tonight and tomorrow.

No brewing this weekend; judging the first round of NHC northeast region on Friday night and leading a hawkwatching trip Sat/Sun.

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