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The efficiency comes from the difference in electrical consumption by the two - the chest freezer doesn't "spill" the cold out like an upright freezer or refrigerator, so opening it to remove something isn't causing a surge of warm air to enter to displace the cold air that falls out of an upright device.  Of course, if all other things are equal, it makes sense that unopened vessels that are equally well insulated will be the same efficiency, but I open my freezers and refrigerators relatively frequently - weekly, if not more, but I try to minimize openings whenever possible.
That's true. Once a week really isn't often enough that it'd make much of a difference, I wouldn't think. But I don't know. I do like having my chest freezer open while I'm kegging and noticing that the temp doesn't change much in the 5 or 10 minutes it might be opening (closed transfer from primary keg to serving keg, without having to lift the keg into the freezer, is a nice luxury of doing close transfers).

Beer Recipes / Re: Dry Stout
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:46:46 PM »
I could see 1.010 above the beer so I called it 1.010, but probably 1.008-9
Wow, you really got it to dry out. I'm having issues getting my darker beers to dry out like that, or at least finish under 1.016. I mean, 1.016 is a nice finishing gravity for something like an oatmeal stout, but for a black IPA I want it to be a little drier or for a mild starting at 1.044, it shouldn't finish at 1.015. Although it's not bad or anything, just seems like it should be finishing drier.
Very nice looking beer there.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Conversion time trame
« on: March 28, 2014, 01:40:16 PM »
That seems weird. I'm no expert on the subject, but that just seems odd. I mash for 60 minutes typically and average between 75 and 80% efficiency and the beer clears after being in the keg for a couple weeks.

Just like a chest freezer on an external thermostat has proven to be more efficient than a refrigerator for me.
Why do you think that is? After my chest freezer dies, which may be a while, I plan to switch to a fridge conversion. No external temperature control needed, freezer for hops; it's a multi-purpose kegerator.

Beer Recipes / Re: Dry Stout
« on: March 27, 2014, 08:22:39 PM »
What gravity did it finish at? And post a picture!

All Grain Brewing / Re: troubleshoot my too-bitter North German Pils
« on: March 27, 2014, 12:54:00 PM »
Hmmm, I don't think 30 extra minutes would make that much of a difference on the first wort hops. One thing I can think of is acidifying you sparge water. This sounds a bit like a tannin issue, not a hop issue. But I could be wrong there. You didn't mention what your water source is.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« on: March 26, 2014, 06:29:18 PM »
My friend with the discerning palate asked me if my last pale ale was Bass ale a number of times. That floored me because my opinion of the batch is less complementary. ;D But it is very drinkable compared to what I was brewing years ago.

Cutting out commercial brews is also a reaction to the prices. Anything actually imported- particularly from the Eurozone is crazy expensive and travel damaged. I'm seeing a lot more obscure domestic and local beer as the new craft breweries are coming on line. They ain't cheap either folks.
This is why I brew a lot of German lagers. The ones we get aren't at all fresh and there isn't much for good German style lagers brewed in the US. All I see at bars are IPAs, Belgians, and commercial lager. Nothing I'm after.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Chart for bottle pressures?
« on: March 25, 2014, 06:12:24 PM »
I'm not sure, no. But did you search HomeBrewTalk? Anything you need to know about brewing is on that forum, pretty much.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« on: March 25, 2014, 01:56:14 AM »
You said it. Although, I was out to dinner last night at a fancier Mexican restaurant, wasn't planning on drinking at all, but was surprised to see that they had North Coast Scrimshaw on tap. I said, hell yes! Gimme one of those. That was a rarity right there.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pics of recent brews?
« on: March 23, 2014, 09:49:06 PM »
Ain't no thing, brutha! Looks tasty, nonetheless.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Pics of recent brews?
« on: March 23, 2014, 03:12:45 PM »
Looks like a hefeweizen! ;)

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Drinking Only Homebrews
« on: March 22, 2014, 02:51:01 PM »
I have found myself brewing less American,  British,  and Scottish styles,  since I can drink fresh craft brewed ales at almost every pub and taproom  I brew and drink lots of lagers and Belgians, as where I live, finding good versions of those on tap is difficult.

I don't ever see myself ever drinking only home brew, as I like going to bars too much. I do find myself going less and less to the fine beer store, though, and very rarely ever get a growler filled.

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Same here. Lately, I've noticed when I got out, there's almost nothing on tap that I want. Hard to imagine a place not having a good oatmeal stout, hefeweizen, schwarzbier, helles, pilsner, pale ale, vienna lager, dunkel, or a porter, is it? Well, it is. Anything we have is either an IPA, Belgian, or commercial lager. But the only place I really go out any more in a nice little pub & restaurant that has Weihenstephaner hefe and Fuller's London Porter. All anyone wants anymore is IPAs and imperial stouts.
I drink mostly homebrew, but buy some here and there, and go out once a week maybe for a few. But most of my drinking is homebrew at home.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Mini Kegs
« on: March 20, 2014, 01:46:42 PM »
Ha, I know what he meant, I just couldn't get past why you'd need to choke down Warsteiner. It's one of the best German pilsners on the planet.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Mini Kegs
« on: March 19, 2014, 09:36:27 PM »
Midwest is the only place I can find that still sells mini kegs.  It doesn't look like the ones they sell have the spout, but you could contact them to find out.

However, since the empty kegs are like $15 plus shipping, why not just buy the Warsteiner, choke it down and reuse the keg?
Wait a minute, choke down Warsteiner?

Yeast and Fermentation / Re: Fermenting in kettle
« on: March 18, 2014, 06:00:46 PM »
Rather than doing a large starter for a lager, I did a batch of about 1.75-2 gallons and fermented it in the kettle.  It was just Pilsner DME, steeped Carapils and a little bit of Hallertauer hops (that I bagged, so I could remove easily post boil).  A simple Pils - it worked out great and I harvested the yeast for a bigger batch that I ultimately stepped up to 10 gallons in my 15 gallon Spiedel fermenters.
How did it taste? Did you notice any more esters than usual?

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