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The Pub / Re: Beer Thugs of LA
« on: April 06, 2016, 11:05:27 PM »
I know a few of these guys. They're all amiable sorts - go figure!

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: The Missing American Blonde
« on: April 04, 2016, 02:32:04 PM »
I am about halfway through a batch of Magnum Blonde, which I would suggest as a starting point. The recipe is here, .


It's a lovely recipe if I do say so myself.

The Pub / Re: Drew's Weight Loss
« on: March 30, 2016, 10:55:37 AM »
Anyone who wants to, can now listen to episode 11 of the podcast and you'll hear me talk about it all late in the show.

The Pub / Re: Laptop/Desktop
« on: March 29, 2016, 01:26:36 PM »
For me it's laptop all the way, but I'm sorta schizophrenic on it. If it's a personal laptop, I'll go for a cheaper lenovo because those are fairly bulletproof. If it's a personal/business/heavy lifting laptop - that's where I hit the MacBook side of the equation, but yeah, that's not fitting in your budget.

To me the only reason to have a desktop/tower these days is as a media server/game box.

The Pub / Re: Drew's Weight Loss
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:41:38 PM »
+2.  There's a whole industry based on diet fads, but it all boils down to 'eat less, exercise more'. I'm sure Drew would agree. I salute the great job he did.


Eat a little less
Eat a little better
Move a little more

The Pub / Re: Drew's Weight Loss
« on: March 20, 2016, 09:57:01 AM »
I've done the same.  I've run some 5Ks hungover too.  I don't do that anymore. :)

I did squat day once hungover. Baaaaad idea.

The Pub / Re: Drew's Weight Loss
« on: March 19, 2016, 04:04:18 PM »
It just doesn't work when you have a hangover.

I punish myself - I make myself go to the gym if I'm hungover. :)

Ingredients / Re: Whole Coffee Beans
« on: March 19, 2016, 10:08:05 AM »
I read somewhere that you can get (or make) very lightly roasted coffee beans that add flavor and very little color.

You have to be careful with lighter roasts in cold applications. Depending on the bean, lighter roasts may have a fair amount of pyrazines that haven't been burnt off. Those smell like green pepper, jalapeno, etc. Can be quite distracting.

The Pub / Re: Drew's Weight Loss
« on: March 18, 2016, 02:27:43 PM »
There is no Drew, only Zuul.

There's an article with the AHA waiting to be posted, but I think we'll carve out a little time to talk about it on the podcast.

But yes, in all things weight lossy - diet is paramount.

Your advocating NOT judging this stuff on a scale of severity but rather exercising it completely from your list of acceptable behavior.

I don't know why but saying "acceptable" makes me feel harsher than i think my position is. :)

Of course, my position is also defined by a sort of wearied exhaustion with it all, like "really? We're still doing this? How can it be good to be putting a good portion of half your potential market in a position to feel objectified or condescended to?" It can be viewed either from a market/business pov or a basic humanness stance.

Really, all I'm trying to encourage is for everyone to feel welcome to enjoy the warm loving embrace of a good cold beer.

Stevie, you're right - I mentioned earlier that I didn't get to really talk about pinkwashing properly. That annoys the crap out of me. My problem with pinkwashing is that's almost always a cheap, cynical bulls*** move to appear like there's positive change. I also shake my head that it works for enough folks to make it effective. I worry (this is the main thing Jim and RPI) that both pinkwashing and the crappy cheap inneundo / old school head pat stuff will continue to undermine the adoption of our favorite thing and I'll still have to sit here 20 years from now going "beer isn't just about dumb bro dudes searching for the latest hop bomb as an excuse to get hammered".

Here's the rub for me and what drives my philosophy about all things - it's not just feminism or anything else - so consider this Drew's Rule of Life..

The world is a crappy place and everyone's having a hard time. The least I can do is not, as much as possible, add to it. It's a small price for me to pay to avoid exclusionary language and images in the things I create and push. I'm not perfect at it. Who is? But damnit, I'm going to try, get it wrong, learn to adjust and keep moving.

This may also explain why when people, who are used to reading my writing or listening to me banter with Denny,
meet me seem surprised at how little biting humor I use - until I know you. :)

It's working right now really well, Drew. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. You guys have obviously developed a great rapport over the years and it shows. Good stuff !

At this point I think I've spent more time talking to Denny than anyone other than my wife. Heck, I think I talk to him more than I talk to my dogs and I talk to them a ton. :)

I'm curious to know what your referring to when you say "problem" Drew. Obviously you guys didn't spend much time on the show about it but you seem to have much more established and strong opinions on this matter.

The person in question is definitely taking a certain approach. I'm of the opinion that no matter what business your in you should speak with a certain degree of tact and dignity indicative of your position.

I guess I can better form an opinion if I'm privy to the problem statement.

Well, I think I said it on the show or I said it somewhere else I got asked, but I'm very much an old school feminist so my hackles automatically get raised up so it's a problem to me, but.. I think it's a problem long term about class. For all the years I've been involved in beer there's been a desire to escape the "sex sells, beach bimbo" imagery. In other words, classing up the joint to be more inclusive and welcoming. Plus, to my mind it helps with longevity of the consumer audience because of the level of maturity generally rises.

Really what it comes down to - I find the sexist silliness to be classless and offputting. I'm tired of having to defend myself as not a boor because I love beer so. (Never have to do that with wine or spirits - which is a problem for long term stability) I know a number of people who feel the same way. There are plenty of folks who don't too, but hey the podcast is my platform so my opinion rules! :) (I'm not normally so much a stick in the mud, but yee gods I've seen this for so long it's irritating)

Great job! That feeling when you're driving down the highway and you hear "our next question comes from Justin McLeod"  ;D Aside from almost veering off the road, that was funny!

Kudos to both of you guys for keeping it really interesting and fun. Also, job well done to Denny for pronouncing my last name correctly! Welp, my 30 seconds of fame are over.

Thanks for the awesome response. We're having fun and hopefully that shows! We have more content coming and a few fun ideas to play with - hopefully it works!

Well, y'all are welcome to see it as not a problem. I tend to see it as a long term problem and as a laziness thing. It's so freaking lazy and stupid and needlessly off putting. May be wise tactically but dumb strategically.

Episode 10 of our podcast is now up! On this episode we discuss session beers, beer conferences and pink washing. And then we launch into our much hyped 2 hour marathon of answering listener questions! That’s a lot of talking and a lot of “answers”!  Then it’s time for a quick tip and Drew offers up a memorial to two public figures who passed away recently. One affects your daily life, the other, maybe not so much.

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