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No practical experience with that on my part guys. Good to know about flavor- which is what I've always suspected but was more thinking of clarity issues. But again I brew ales and don't care about bright lagers. ::)

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
« on: December 03, 2010, 03:34:56 PM »
I just picked up a 4pack and really really like it. I'd pick this over traditional Guinness. In fact I'd like to brew something similar also.

Expensive. But, the sourish roasty hoppy bitterness makes it all worth while.

I don't care if it all ends up in the fermenter, though the whole hops catch some of it. AFAIK people who like to brew super clear lagers want to leave out most or all the trub.

The Pub / Re: DVR questions
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:55:37 AM »
Well, Denny if you have an extra PC laying around you could install something like MythTV. All you would need to do is buy a tuner card and they're fairly cheap.

The Pub / Re: DVR questions
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:36:47 AM »
Denny, I think you might need something like Tivo

Equipment and Software / Re: New Pump - Need power supply help
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:08:44 AM »
I don't think your pump will be suitable for brewing. It needs to be food grade and able to tolerate high temps (boiling). A March 809 pump will run you about $130 new and will run on 110v.

If your current pump has been exposed to chemicals you really don't want to risk your health or beer- in which order I can't say... ;D

Equipment and Software / Re: Spigot
« on: December 03, 2010, 11:04:25 AM »
If you want to go weldless these are good examples:

KettleValve™ Ball Valve (1/2")

S/S Kettle Valve Kit

I have the first one and very pleased with it.

The Pub / Re: What's the Weather Like Where You Are?
« on: December 03, 2010, 12:06:37 AM »
Usually it is humid and hot as f@#k here. I'm grateful it has cooled down. My AC doesn't kick on and I can wear long-sleeves.

Kegging and Bottling / Re: Bottling issues again
« on: December 03, 2010, 12:00:52 AM »
I think his question is regarding the fact that some bottles are good, and some are over carbonated, IOW the carbonation is inconsistent. So he is wondering whether "the food" is evenly distributed throughout the beer prior to bottling and how to improve on that without aerating the beer.

This sounds more like it. When bottling, I like to weigh then dissolve the sugar in water in a pyrex cup- ie bring to boiling. Then add to bottling bucket after a quart or so has filled it. This helps insure even mixing of the sugar solution. No problems.

The Pub / Re: NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical
« on: December 02, 2010, 11:16:20 PM »
A few people were talking about it at work. Arsenic as a building block of life...? Similar in size and just below phosphorus.

To me it is an indication or further evidence that life is probably everywhere- wherever it can get a toe-hold so to speak. I'm not even surprised by this.

All Things Food / Re: Bread/Yeast question.
« on: December 02, 2010, 11:35:34 AM »
Looking at your pic and recipe. For more "fluff" use bread flour or add gluten, make sure it is nice and sticky and slash the top of the loaf before you put it in the oven.

I see classic "all purpose" crumb and rise in those pics.

The Pub / Re: The Wall
« on: December 01, 2010, 11:31:50 AM »
I entered my teen years with the Wall and watching videos on Top of the Pops. Fabulous! And I love Dark Side of the Moon. It's sad hardly any PF gets played in my area anymore- even on the oldie rock stations. :(

I like Water's solo efforts particularly The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking.

The Pub / Re: Looking at Windows 7 phones
« on: December 01, 2010, 11:25:46 AM »
I really have to question microsoft's intelligence for not including copy\paste. It is a real pain in the ass looking up tracking numbers, transferring phone numbers, and other random stuff without it :-\ It seems minor but becomes really annoying as time drags on. Hopefully they can fix some of the problems with software updates.

That actually is a serious flaw IMO. Is copy-paste really absent or maybe just a matter of figuring out how to do it? Took me a few days with the iPhone- which in this particular aspect has been much better than Android.

Other Fermentables / Re: Tepache
« on: December 01, 2010, 10:25:51 AM »
Uggg. Sounds nasty. I think the stuff is for immediate consumption after it's made. More like a jail-house hooch.

The Pub / Re: Looking at Windows 7 phones
« on: November 30, 2010, 09:29:47 PM »
Well to be honest I'd like to mess with the phone some just to see how it is. My xenophobic tendencies leave me with a distrust of anything integrated with sites such as Facebook.  But it is popular so why not have the features people want?  MS is just appealing to their potential customers. Bouef. 
I was really hoping to find someone who had either of the 2 specific devices I was considering. I'm not a huge fan of heresay.

Ask around in the sub forums at xda. I'm sure someone there can give you an honest review from a end user perspective.
quantum forum:
focus forum:

I couldn't wait for Christmas. I just picked up the Focus, and man is it awesome!

Let us know more!

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