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Gonna teach a friend about brewing tomorrow... He was pretty excited to learn, so he's coming over for some beers and a brew session... Going to make an oatmeal RIS

Homebrewer Bios / Ben, aka "theantipunk"
« on: October 14, 2011, 04:57:40 AM »
Who Are You Ben Wilder
Home Town (City, State): Colorado Springs, Colorado

Homebrew Club: Been flirting with the Brew Brothers, but not yet a dues-paying member

I've been a homebrewer since: October, 2010 (1 year)

Do you have a homebrewing disaster you'd like to share? Other than the propane tank running empty in the middle of a boil, so far, so good!

What is your favorite style(s) to brew? Tripels, Golden Strongs, and porters

What style(s) will you never brew? I wouldn't say never, but least likely would be american lite lager

What was the first beer you ever brewed?  How did it turn out? A honey brown extract kit. Came out rather good, drinkable

What is your favorite beer recipe? My own version of a golden strong. Sorry, it's proprietary!  ;) Just kidding. Ask me and I'll give it to you.

Do you have a favorite homebrew trick or gadget that you've found to make your beer better/brewing easier, etc? Using a hops bag has made things easier when racking the wort into my fermenter.

Describe your brew system. Mash tun is a red converted cooler (I know, I know, but I only lose 2* in a 90 min mash  ;D) a turkey fryer, a homemade IC, just the basics.

How frequently do you brew (times/month or /year)?  As often as I can afford to, usually 2x a month. I've done 20 brews in the first year

What is your favorite malt?  Why? Belgian 2-row or pale malt, because that's what I put in my favorite style of beer.

What is your favorite hop? Why? I really like the Tettnang hops, love the aroma they give, and Styrian Goldings have a flavor I like. I'm not really a hop lover, so IPA's are not among my faves...

Do you have a favorite or house yeast? What qualities do you like about that yeast? I like the Wyeast 1388 for my Belgians, I like the fruity flavor it imparts in my golden strongs. I also like the 1056 for my porter and amber ales.

If you could serve your homebrew to someone famous, who would it be and what would you give her/him? Thomas Jefferson, and probably an amber ale. Or Joe Sakic, my golden strong.

What's the most unusual ingredient you've ever used in a brew? I inverted some turbinado sugar in a tripel, just to experiment. Haven't tried anything exotic yet.

Do you have any pets or kids named after beer styles or ingredients? I had 2 cats, Guiness (rip)  and Murphy.

How many medals have you won from homebrew competitions? Have yet to enter a comp, but I took some of my golden strong to a club meeting, which was at a new brewery that had just opened up. The head brewer tried mine, came back for more, and at the end of the night, told me that my beer was the best he'd tried that night. I went home with a much bigger ego!

Do you brew alone, with friends or with someone you live with? Usually alone, though my 13 y/o son likes to pitch in.

Are you an indoor or outdoor brewer? Outdoor. If I fired up the turkey fryer on the carpet, my lady would likely shoot me.

List some of the names you've given your beers. Which is your favorite? Tattooed Grin Tripel, Good God Golden Strong, Absolutely Amazing Amber Ale.

Other Fermentables / Re: Do I have to make a starter?
« on: October 09, 2011, 11:57:57 PM »
I don't make starters for mead. My last mead was 1.140, and I pitched 2 packets of  Red Star Pasteur Champagne yeast. Fermented perfectly.

I think that they tried a little too hard to draw in the non beer geek viewers by introducing drama into each episode.  Every show had some sort of arbitrary deadline that had to be met or else and a back story about dumping a huge batch of beer.  I understand that it was intended to show a business side to a craft beer show, but it just seemed so contrived to me.  I was entertained by the recreation of a historic or rare style, not by the drama of a deadline they had to meet for no apparent reason.
I wonder if they have some more episodes that they filmed and are ready to broadcast.
I was rather entertained when they spilled the label glue all over the floor... must've been a royal b!^@# to clean up...

The Pub / Re: Once n a while something comes along that ....
« on: October 05, 2011, 01:40:36 AM »
Pretty amazing... thanks fer sharing this!

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Test your beer smarts!
« on: September 30, 2011, 04:10:29 AM »
Hah! Cool. 12/15...

The Pub / Re: Belgian Beer Café announces plan to open 60 U.S. locations
« on: September 28, 2011, 02:17:17 AM »
Anything that gets "Joe Sixpack" to try something other that the bland BMC type beers, I'm all for. Granted, BMC is behind all this, but if it gets the average guy (gal) to break out of their comfort zone, expand his palate for something different, and experience what real beer can be like, then I hope it works. I will probably try it out, if they build one near me. I truly love Belgians beers. I hope they serve some of the "true" Belgians, some of the obscure and very tasty beers, not just the mass marketed/mass produced ones.

Other Fermentables / Re: How long should spice be in a cyser?
« on: September 27, 2011, 02:12:58 AM »
Update--I actually left it in for about 15 days and I pulled it out today and the spice improved the flavor.  It tasted pretty good.  It is 2 months old.  Any ideas how much longer to age it?
Once bottled, I age mine for 6 months to a year.

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Maui Brewing Co. CoCoNut PorTeR
« on: September 27, 2011, 01:36:44 AM »
Kona Brewing's "Pipeline Porter" was much better...

AKA Widmer's Pipeline Porter.
That might be why I have a hard time finding it! Did the brewery change names, or have I simply mis-identified this brew?

Commercial Beer Reviews / Re: Maui Brewing Co. CoCoNut PorTeR
« on: September 26, 2011, 12:56:09 PM »
Kona Brewing's "Pipeline Porter" was much better...

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Toronto Beer Week - My results
« on: September 20, 2011, 05:09:28 AM »
Congratulations! Keep it up!

Ingredients / Re: When should I add this Candi Syrup?
« on: September 13, 2011, 02:24:10 AM »
I also usually put mine in around 15-20 minutes left on the boil. But I have added it at flame out (when I forgot to add it in the boil  ;) ) and didn't really notice a difference.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Extract to All Grain???
« on: September 11, 2011, 05:05:15 AM »
I think it is a close call. I've made, and have drank some exceptional brews from extract. Over all, I think all grain ferments more fully, and more clear, than extracts. But for me, it's really more about the love of the process than any added benefit. If you make beer that you're happy with using extracts, then keep brewing that way.  Or do both. Homebrewing is ultimately about making beer your way. As long as you're happy with the results...

The Pub / Re: Presenting... Doughboy Brewing Company!
« on: September 09, 2011, 12:39:29 PM »
I wonder how many people know who Chesty Puller was...  Great name for a classic american beer.  Best of luck, I hope it goes very well for ya!

Other Fermentables / Re: How long should spice be in a cyser?
« on: September 05, 2011, 10:02:03 PM »
I would taste a sample every two or three days, and when you've reached the desired level of spice, remove the bag.

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