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Pimp My System / Kind of a Brutus 10 clone with RIMS, but it works for me
« on: December 04, 2012, 08:32:58 PM »

Kettles are from Stout Tanks
50amp back to back control panel for electric, runs 2 vessels at a time. All three elements can run once all vessels are up to temp. (probably never needed)
5500w 240v elements for the kettle and HLT, 4500w in the RIMS tube.
Brewers Hardware RIMS tube mounted directly to the tri-clamp port on the mash tun.
For backup or cookouts, 3 banjo burners, one high power model under the brew kettle, manual control for propane.

One March 815 pump and one March AC-5SSB-MD Beer Pump
Two Blichmann Therminator chillers
Brewers Hardware trub/hop filter canister (so far useless and prone to clog)
Inline thermometer and oxygen stone after the chillers

I will weld up similar racks for local folks.

Just added the Stout Tanks 20 Gallon conical and kettle.

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