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The Pub / Moonshiners
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:09:58 AM »
Watched the first 2 episodes so far, since its highly illegal I can't believe anyone would let themselves be videotaped doing it, especially without their identity masked. Interesting none-the-less.

Anyone else watching this?

Pimp My System / Coolest Brewshed Ever?
« on: December 04, 2011, 09:43:56 AM »
In my search for ideas for a backyard brewshed i've run across some pretty interesting stuff but this is by far the coolest shed design i've ever seen. The prices are really high but understandable for the amount of custom work involved. I think its just one guy making them. Couldnt find the width on the site but you can order them from 6' - 12' deep.

So cool! Almost makes me want to start looking for a still for moonshine! *banjo music*

A lot more picts on the website: The Rustic Way


Commercial Beer Reviews / Left Hand Milk Stout
« on: September 25, 2011, 10:11:41 AM »
Just picked up a 6 of this and it was darn tasty, good mouthfeel too, quite silky, but if it had one problem it seemed alittle too over-carbonated for a stout.

Has anyone else tried this?

Equipment and Software / Brewer's Gloves?
« on: September 20, 2011, 09:11:01 AM »
Do any of you guys use brewer's gloves? I was thinking of looking for some that are maybe both water and heat resistant, do they exist? Do you have any favorite brands? Any info would be helpful!


Other Fermentables / First Soda Brew Day
« on: September 04, 2011, 07:05:55 PM »
My son asked if we could make soda since I brew beer all the time and I thought it was a great idea! I bought a couple packs of gnome soda extract (root beer and vanilla creme) and brewed the creme soda today.

He helped me with the whole process (which was easy peasy) and it didn't take long at all, can't wait to try it!

I highly recommend it if you have kids, its easy and fun to do and only took a few minutes. He is really excited about bringing some to school to share with his friends.

Ingredients / Irish moss storage
« on: August 22, 2011, 10:57:25 PM »
I have a small bottle of irish moss but the label doesn't say anything about how to store it. Does it need to be refridgerated? I've just been keeping it in my "brew tote" with the rest of my equipment since it looked like a dried ingredient.

How do you store yours?


General Homebrew Discussion / First brewing-related injury
« on: August 19, 2011, 09:33:02 AM »
A few days ago I was making a starter and needed to split it into 2 small batches since my main flask wasnt big enough. after they were both done boiling i went to pour the smaller flask into the larger one. I was using a towel to hold the flask, lifted to pour when it boiled over onto my hand. I didn't want to drop the glass flask on the floor so i held it and put it down.

Its a few days later and I still have some blisters but its healing. My first injury making beer in over 13 years.

stupid stupid stupid.

I asked for brewing gloves for xmas. don't let this happen to you, be careful!


All Grain Brewing / First all-grain brewday
« on: August 18, 2011, 05:16:36 PM »
Made my first all-grain beer today and damn it was fun! I don't why I waited this long to try it.

Everything went pretty smoothly despite using the dennybrew batch-sparge method... I'm kidding denny! In all seriousness thanks for the website, I couldn't have done it so smoothly without it, I even hit my target gravity right on the nose.

I was commisioned by my friends to make a Sierra clone for their wedding since its their favorite beer so I'm thinking about taking the recipe, designing a really nice layout and having it printed, framed and matted to go along with the 2 special 1-Liter bottles with labels to match. This part is a surprise and I hope they love it as much as i did making it.

Thanks to everyone on this forum for all of the great info!

Time for a victory beer! Cheers!


The Pub / What does a graphic designer do?
« on: July 14, 2011, 04:03:48 PM »
Great video explaining graphic design

What does a graphic designer do?


Commercial Beer Reviews / Full Sail Pale Ale
« on: July 04, 2011, 11:55:27 AM »
Bought a six of Full Sail Pale Ale last night on the way to a BBQ because i had never seen it before. A nicely rounded beer, both the flavors and bitterness were really well-balanced and i liked the hop flavor, not sure what they use. I only got to drink 3 of them because other people wanted to try it also but I will definately be buying this again.

I might try the IPA next time to see the difference, but the APA is very close to a session beer.

If you see this near you its worth a try.


Yeast and Fermentation / WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast
« on: June 27, 2011, 10:44:08 AM »
new strain from white labs

WLP090 San Diego Super Yeast

The Pub / Alpina Mobile Bongos Beer Bar
« on: June 03, 2011, 09:39:11 AM »
The mobile party center features an integrated kegerator, 8kg of ice storage, and customizable tops for adding everything from a gas-powered grill to extra serving areas.

Only $11,000! BTW my birthday is in july incase anyone needs gift ideas...

Alpina Mobile Bongos Beer Bar

The Pub / Public Domain Beer/Wine/Brewing Books
« on: June 02, 2011, 09:39:32 PM »
Awhile ago I found an archive of public domain brewing books but I can't seem to find the link. They were compiled from Google Books so I figured I would post the list of titles since i don't feel right hosting the entire archive (not really sure about the legal ramifications so I'd rather not take the chance). Hopefully this will make it easier for someone to search for specific titles.


Accum -    1820 - A Treatise on the Art of Making Wine from Native Fruits.pdf
Accum -    1821 - Ubhandlung uber die Kunft zu Brauen.pdf
Anon -       1760 - The Compleat Brewer or, the Art and Mystery of Brewing Explained.pdf
Anon -       1768 - Every Man His Own Brewer; or A Compendium of the English Brewery.pdf
Anon -       17-- - London Complete Art of Cookery; also The Complete Brewer Explaining the Art of Brewing Porter, Ale, Twopenny, and Table-beer.pdf
Anon -       1807 - Remarks and Experiments on Different Parts of the Process of Brewing; Particularly on the Continued Application of a Boiling Heat During the Operation of Mashing.pdf
Anon -       1826 - The Vintner's and Brewer's Guide--Manufacturing Wines, Malted Liquors, Cider, Perry, Vinegar, Spirits, etc.pdf
Anon -       1830 - The Wine Drinkers Manual.pdf
Anon -       1847 - Practical Information on the Best Method of Brewing from Sugar.pdf
Anon -       1847 - The Secrets of the Mash Tun; or, Causes of Failure in Producing Good Ale or Beer.pdf
Anon -       1848 - How to Brew with three-fourths Barley to One Fourth Malt.pdf
Anon -       1855 - Practisches Lehrbuch der Bayer'schen Bierbrauerei.pdf
Anon -       1865 - The Art and Mystery of Making British Wines, Cider, Perry Cordials and Liquors--Also, the Whole Art of Brewing.pdf
Appligny -    1783 - Instructions sur L'art de Faire la Biere.pdf
Barclay -    1865 - Handy-book for Licenced Victuallers, Brewers, Wine Retailers, etc..pdf
Beik -       1864 - Die Bierbrauerie.pdf
Black -    1835 - Practical Treatise on Brewing - 1st Ed.pdf
Black -    1849 - A Practical Treatise on Brewing - 4th Ed.pdf
Booth -    1834 - The Art of Brewing - 2nd ed.pdf
Braverstock-   1824 - Braverstock on Brewing.pdf
Bromwich -    1783 - The Experienced Beekeeper.pdf
Buchanan -    1861 - The Culture of the Grape and Wine Making - 7th ed.pdf
Busby -    1825 - A Treatise on the Culture of the Vine and the Art of Making Wine.pdf
Byrn -       1852 - The Complete Practical Brewer or, Plain Accurate , and Thorough Instructions in the Brewing of Ale, Beer, and Porter.pdf
Byrn -       1860 - The Complete Practical Brewer or, Plain Accurate , and Thorough Instructions in the Brewing of Ale, Beer, and Porter.pdf
Carnell -    1814 - A Treatise on Family Winemaking.pdf
Chadwick -    1835 - Practical Treatise on Brewing.pdf
Clarkson -    1853 - Instructions for Brewing Porter and Stout at an Expense of 4d and 5d per Gallon.pdf
Cobbett -    1826 - Cottage Economy Containing Information Relative to the Brewing of Beer, etc..pdf
Collingwood -    1792 - The Universal Cook and City and Country Housekeeper -- Including the Making and Management of Made Wines, Cordial Waters, and Malt Liquors.pdf
Combrune -    1758 - An Essay on Brewing with a View of Establishing the Principles of the Art.pdf
Combrune -    1802 - L'art de Brasser Traduit de L'anglais.pdf
Cooper -    1757 - The Complete Distiller.pdf
Coxe -       1817 - A View of the Management of Fruit Trees and the Management of Orchards and Cider.pdf
Davies -    1810 - The Inkeeper's and Butler's Guide , or, a Directory for Making and Managing British Wines - 13th ed.pdf
Denman -    1864 - The Vine and its Fruit.pdf
Digby -    1669 - The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Openend; Several Ways of Making Metheglin, Cider, Cherry-Wine, etc.txt
Dublin Society- 1733 - Instructions for Managing Bees.pdf
Dufour -    1826 - The American Vine-Dresser's Guide Being a Treatise on the Cultivation of the Vine and the Process of Wine Making.pdf
Feuchtwanger -    1858 - Fermented Liquors: A Treatise on Brewing, Distilling, and Rectifying.pdf
Ford -       1862 - A Practical Treatise on Malting and Brewing.pdf
Gray -       1823 - Observations on the Vinous Fermentation.pdf
Gray/Savage -    1866 - Ale in Prose and Verse.pdf
Gray -             Key to Gray's Brewer's Assistant.pdf
Grey -       1866 - A Runlet of Ale.pdf
Gumbinner -    1846 - Handbuch der Praktischen Bierbrauerei.pdf
Hall -       1818 - The Distiller.pdf
Ham -       1828 - The Manufacture of Cider and Perry - 2nd ed.pdf
Ham -       1829 - Theory and Practice of Brewing With Malted and Unmalted Corn.pdf
Haraszthy -    1862 - Grape Culture, Wines, and Wine-Making.pdf
Harper -    1860 - The Manufacture, Imitation, Adulteration, and Reduction of Foreign Wines, Brandies, Gins, Rums, Etc.pdf
Hitchcock -    1842 - The Cause and Prevention of Acidity in Malt Liquors.pdf
Hughes -    1796 - A Treatise on the Brewing of Beer.pdf
Husmann -    1866 - The Cultivation of the Native Grape and Manufacture of American WInes.pdf
Jonas -    1818 - The Distiller's Guide; Comprehending the Art of Distillation and Rectification.pdf
Kidd -       1808 - Remarks and Experiments on the Different Parts of Brewing.pdf
Knight -    1801 - The Manufacture of Cider and Perry.pdf
Lacour -    1853 - The Manufacture of Liquors, Wines, and Cordials without the Aid of Distillation.pdf
Levesque -    1836 - The Art of Brewing and Fermenting in the Summer -- and the Making of Malt.pdf
Loftus -    1856 - The Brewer: A Familiar Treatise on the Art of Brewing with Directions for the Selection of Malt and Hops--and the Making of Cider and Wine.pdf
Marchant -    1888 - In Praise of Ale.pdf
Maxwell -    1747 - The Practical Bee-Master.pdf
McMullen -    1852 - Handbook of Wines: Practical, Theoretical, and Historical.pdf
Mead -       1867 - An Elementary Treatise on American Grape Culture and Wine Making.pdf
Mener -    1839 - Die Bayerische Bierbrauerei.pdf
Monzert -    1866 - The Independent Liquorist; or, the Art and Manufacturing and Preparing.pdf
Monzert -    1889 - Practical Distiller.pdf
Morewood -    1824 - An Essay on the Inventions and Customs of Both Ancients and Moderns in the Use of Inebriating Liquors.pdf
Morrice -    1802 - A Treatise on Brewing Wherein is Exhibited the Whole Process of the Art and Mystery of Brewing.pdf
Mulder -    1861 - De La Biere - Sa Composition Chimique, Sa Fabrication.pdf
Nutt -       1834 - Practical Directions for the Management of Honeybees.pdf
Otto -       1865 - Die Beirbrauerei, die Branntweinbrennerei und die Liqueurfabrication.pdf
Oxford -    1835 - Oxford Night Caps, Being a Collection of Reciepts for Making Various Beverages Used in the University - 3rd ed.pdf
Palmer -    1824 - The Spirit, Wine Dealer, and Publicans Director.pdf
Phipps -    1825 - The Vintner's Guide.pdf
Reemelin -    1859 - The Vine-Dresser's Manual; an Illustrated Treatise on Vinyards and Wine-Making.pdf
Roberts -    1835 - British Winemaker and Domestic Brewer.pdf
Roberts -    1847 - The Scottish Ale-Brewer and Practical Maltster -- Including India Pale Ale.pdf
Shultz -    1850 - Theoretisch-Praktische Bierbrauerei Nach Ihrer Ersten Entwicklung Bis Zum Jetzigen Standpunkte.pdf
Shutzenberger - 1893 - On Fermentation.pdf
Smeed -    1845 - The Wine Merchant's Manual: A Treatise on the Fining.pdf
Strong -    1867 - Culture of the Grape.pdf
Strutt -    1825 - The Practical Apiarian.pdf
Terrington -    1869 - Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks; a Collection of Recipes for Cups and Other Compounded Drinks.pdf
Thomas -    1862 - How to Mix Drinks, or the Bon Vivant's Companion.pdf
Thomson -    1849 - Brewing and Distillation.pdf
Tizard -    1850 - The Theory and Practice of Brewing (3rd ed).pdf
Tizard -    1857 - The Theory and Practice of Brewing (4th ed).pdf
Tovey -    1864 - British and Foreign Spirits.pdf
Tuck -       1822 - The Private Brewers Guide to the Art of Brewing Ale and Porter.pdf
Warder -    1713 - The True Amazons or, the Monarchy of Bees -- Also, how to make the English Wine or Mead.pdf
Watkins -    1773 - The Complete English Brewer or, the Art and Mystery of Brewing in All its Various Branches.pdf
Wigney -    1835 - A Theoretical and Practical Treatise on Malting and Brewing.pdf
Wigney -    1838 - An Elementary Dictionary (of the brewers trade).pdf

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