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All Things Food / Re: BBQ Style
« on: November 30, 2010, 05:55:48 PM »
I got my "monstrosity" as my wife calls it just in time to smoke some turkeys for Thanksgiving.  But for a whole day I burned some old Kingsford briquets in the firebox while spraying all surfaces with veggie oil.  After a day of heat and a pint of oil all the grills were well seasoned.  Now it'll just be a matter of scraping chunks off as needed. ;D

Ingredients / Re: New bulk grain supplier
« on: November 30, 2010, 04:03:16 PM »
After my recent password problem(which went away all by itself) I'm suspicious, and there are some things about this site that bother me.  Maybe it's just that they're still in the early phases of building a business but if you click on their hops there is no info at all, just the price.  No AA info, product descriptions, there's just not much here.  And the" today only" discount code with free shipping of 50-50 pound sacks of malt seem like a great hook, but since the site has no track record whatsoever I'm gonna pass for now.  I'd really like to buy 3 or 4 sacks with free shipping and a 10% discount but I can't make myself give up my credit card info.

Worst case scenario, sour it.

Add brett to the keg and let it sit a few months.  The dregs of 2 reasonably fresh Orvals will give you a truly fine beer in a few months.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: OK, the noob did a stupid.....
« on: November 29, 2010, 09:47:20 AM »
I've used the hops bag on the stick trick many times and that will keep almost all the big stuff out of the keg.  The rest will come out with the first glass. 
BTW I usually use pellet hops and I don't bother with the hops bags either.  They are handy for dry hopping in the keg though so I always have a few on hand.

TX / Re: Mead help!!
« on: November 28, 2010, 05:07:25 PM »
Meads are not fast fermenters, be patient.  What yeast did you use?

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Cider Question
« on: November 28, 2010, 03:41:13 PM »
I've never made a cider with extra sugar but it will absolutely  bring the ABV up.  Add the brown sugar near the end of the fermentation, or break it up to a couple of small additions as fermentation takes off.
I made a cider this summer with my own apples, crabapples and WalMart juice.  Then I made one with just WalMart Juice so I can turn it into vinegar.  When this one is done I'm thinking about a really strong one with honey or brown sugar and some spices aand fruit for something different.

General Homebrew Discussion / Re: Cider Question
« on: November 28, 2010, 02:51:26 PM »
You can make excellent cider without adding 100% oxygen, don't let that stop you.  I just pour the juice into the carboy and let it splash.  What kind of juice are you using?

All Things Food / Re: Recycling food
« on: November 27, 2010, 07:50:04 AM »
To the OP.
We freeze overripe bananas and tomatoes for cooking with later.  Limp moldy veggies go to the compost pile, bread gets crumbed.
Yesterday I boiled the leftover carcasses from the Thanksgiving goose and turkey and pulled all the tiny bits of meat.  Today I'll take some of the goose fat and fry finely chopped onions and garlic, then add the meat with some spices, simmer and add more fat to make a rillette, one of my favorite all time French foods.

The Pub / Re: Airport Security
« on: November 26, 2010, 10:25:15 PM »
I fly to France every other year and have never been searched, not even in Frankfurt Germany back in June.  From what I understand El Al's security people rely on questioning and how people react to it-I've had the same thing in France.  A very friendly chat about where I've been with who and where I'm headed.  Once in Charles de Gaulle my wife and kids were shopping near the gate, I was sitting by myself and a security officer came over and sat beside me.   He asked me why I was travelling with my family but they were sitting in a different section of the plane(Continental's total screwup), where my alleged family was (By the way, where are they?)etc.  Very polite and friendly, but obviously something tipped them off to come talk to me at the gate.
Some funny French security stories.  Back in the old days my BIL's would take us back to Paris.  We'd check in, have our carry-on searched and stamped, then we'd go back to the parking lot where my inlaws would have a last meal for us in a van.  After lunch and wine we'd waltz past security because our carry-ons had already been searched.  About 4 years ago standing in the checkout line the security agent pulled us aside.  She asked us to pick 3 suitcases to be searched.  I asked her if it wouldn't be better if she just picked 3 but she was adamant that we pick 3.  Later(after we got home) we all joked that we had picked the three bags with no bombs or guns.
I'm all for safety on airplanes but these searches are absurd and only serve to distract us from the fact that the government has no real clue about how to keep airplanes safe from terrorists.  It's giving a false sense of security and in my view one more step towards convincing us to relinquish all our rights in the name of safety from th boogeyman.

The Pub / Re: Airport Security
« on: November 26, 2010, 08:39:17 PM »

Go to Europe, they pat you down at random, and no one complains. In England you have to face a gauntlet of questions before they let you on a plane. Isnt this the way it should be if we are going to prevent trouble? 
In another post  you say you rarely travel.  I travel to Europe every other summer and have never been subjected to anything as invasive as the naked scanner or the grope-down.  As a long haired cockroach looking hippie I pretty much always get extra scrutiny.  But that's not the bad part of this whole scam.
It' s the whole idea of "as long as it makes us safe it's OK" that makes me want to puke.  They make look up my anus so far they can see my tonsils, but that doesn't protect anybody from the air freight loaded in the cargo hold that nobody looks at. 
On a more basic level when do we as Americans start  to understand the concept of acceptable risk?  Compare how many people died last year in car accidents against how many died in airplane terrorist attacks?  We could save many thousands of lives by making cars go no faster than 5 mph but Americans won't tolerate that.
I won't fly domestically unless absolutely unavoidable, even before this slapdown of my rights.  If I can drive there in 18 hours I will and avoid the airport.
BTW I've never flown El Al, Israel's airline, but from what I read they have the best security in the world and they manage it without asking that eople give up their basic human rights.
Sorry if this rant offends you but I'm pretty fed up with this whole system right now

The Pub / Re: happy thanksgiving
« on: November 25, 2010, 07:14:54 AM »
Here's hoping everybody's Thanksgiving is truly happy and safe. 

All Things Food / Re: green chiles
« on: November 25, 2010, 07:13:44 AM »
I love green chilies, wish they grew around here!

I love roasting 4 or 5 green chilies over a fire, grilling some slabs of onion (basically sliced into rafts and secured with toothpicks) and a decent steak (sirloin is good).  Peel the chilies and slice, slice up the onions, and thinly slice the grilled steak on a diagonal.  Add more spices if you like, mix it all up, and put on crusty grilled bread, maybe with some cheese or roasted garlic.  Great sandwich!
Add red and green bell peppers, put it on a tortilla with cheese, pico de gallo and some avocado and it's steak fajitas.  I foresee turkey fajitas in the near future.
Well be having green chile turkey enchiladas tomorrow with a green chile pumpkin soup.

I did 3 consecutive batches last year with Nottingham-a Fuggles ESB, a rye pale ale and finally a porter.  They were in the conical a total of over 2 months without me taking the lid off.  All 3 beers turned out great.  Maybe the yeast makers could find some flaw by the third batch but non of us who drank it ever did.
I just racked a wheat IPA onto a yeast cake from a rye IPA that I brewed with Safale 0-4.  I'll let you know in a month how it turns out.

All Grain Brewing / Re: Sparge Arm Ideas?
« on: November 23, 2010, 10:46:18 PM »
I built a sparge arm out of 1/2" soft copper.  It's round to fit into my converted keg mash tun, has a crossbar and has holes drilled at about 30 degrees from the bottom all the way around so that it sprays water all over the grain bed  I soldered copper wire to suspend it from the rim of the keg it so that I can adjust the height above the grain bed.  I should take a picture and post it, it's hard to explain, but whether I'm mashing 20 pounds or 35 pounds I can adjust it so that it's one inch above the grain bed.  BTW fly sparging rocks.

All Things Food / Re: green chiles
« on: November 23, 2010, 10:29:43 PM »
50/50 chile and garlic is pretty intense, even for me.  I love pico-but it's probably 50% tomatoes, 40% peppers(chiles and jalapenos) and the rest onion, cilantro and garlic.  How hot are these peppers?  That's pretty variable. The Big Jims I bought are pretty damn hot but we use them when we want chile flavor without the severe burn, but the Barkers from the same farm are just plain hot(but tasty).  We make the pico and use it on chips, fried eggs, omelettes, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc.  Down here  it's a staple food.

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