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Pimp My System / Barley's Bar
« on: July 19, 2011, 06:43:54 PM »
Hi my name is Mike and I am a proud member of the American Homebrewers Association and the San Antonio Cerveceros  This was my first keezer build.  I started with a 7.2 cf chest freezer and built a rolling base for it.

For wood I used 1 4'x8' sheet of 3/4" cabinet grade Red Oak.  The base molding, crown molding, peanut bar rail & top rail that the crown molding attaches to are also all Red Oak.

Sides put together with base molding


Top rail that the crown molding will attache to after I routed the edge of it.

This is the top rail attached and brings the hight up to be level with the freezer where the bar top will be attached

The top rail and crown molding fully assembled

This is how the pieces for the top will fit together

Stain and clear coat

The top of the bar is attached to the lid of the freezer so that it all opens as one piece.

The top is finished with some tile and a two tap tower.  The freezer will hold 4, 5 gallon kegs.
Tile has not yet been grouted and sealed when this picture was taken

For refrigeration control I used a digital Johnson Controls regulator.  It was risky drilling through the side of the freezer as that is where all the refrigeration lines run.   On the back of the freezer there were holes that were drilled for the freezer lines so I drilled a hole right next to the screw for the hinge. I figured if they put a screw there for the hinge there was a pretty good chance that there was not a line there. I drilled just through the shell of the freezer then carved out the foam till I got to the back wall of the freezer and poked a small hole through.  On the inside I put the thermostat probe in an old yeast vial with water so that it would regulate the liquid temp and not air temp.  I am not sure that step is all that important as I don't think there is all that much difference in the two in the end.

My assistant brewer Barley

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