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Kegging and Bottling / Carbonation quandry
« on: January 01, 2013, 02:03:38 PM »
I have a 5 gallon all grain batch of pale, OG: 1058, used treated RO water, mashed at 150 deg, negative iodine reaction, pitched 1600 ml starter of wyeast 1056 and fermented at 68 deg. 1 week in primary, 14 days in secondary. After primary, everything was purged and pushed with CO2. I bottled out of a corny with a beer gun. Bottle conditioned with 1 cup of priming sugar and everything was sanitized with idophor (mixed 2 tsp to 3 gal H2O).

Left the bottles in the lager box at 68deg for 3 weeks. If the beer is room temp I can get a little bit of CO2 out of solution with agitation, none if they are cold. Gravity is 1006.

It makes no sense to me. I took some of the same caps and recapped a known carbonated beer, got it hot, shook it up and put it under water, no gas leakage. I'm starting to think the priming sugar might have been mislabeled lactose but I'm not getting the mouth feel or taste I would expect with an addition of lactose.

What have I missed?

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